Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back in the saddle again!!

And boy can I feel it!

It's a very happy soreness though. I went for my first ride on Saturday and tried out both horses. It was nothing short of heavenly really. Both horses are a little rusty from not being ridden all winter which makes it a little more fun! I learned a lot about their personalities and styles though which was good. One of the obstacles in riding them is the fact that they are a very tightly bonded couple. They pulled carriages as a pair and they really like each others company. Cola is the boss but oddly enough she's also the one that is most afraid to be away from her partner. She is a beautiful horse (they both are actually), and she has lots of spunk, but she is very insecure without Pepsi at her side. Pepsi is definitely the follower of the pair and she is much more obedient and easy-going. I think I have figured out that Cola was always on the right and Pepsi was always on the left, in riding them that is the side of the road they go to if you let them have their way. It's actually pretty funny!

They both ride well though. I rode both on Saturday and found Pepsi to definitely be my favorite. She listens better and I felt more secure with her. I love a challenge but I haven't ridden in nearly a decade and I really would rather go with the easier horse for now. On Saturday I rode with their owner Stefanie which actually proved fairly challenging because she's not a very good rider! None of them are, they are actually very green first-time horse owners with very little experience. It has me slightly worried because I don't want them creating bad habits in the horses. One thing I learned is that she will let them run back home once they are headed that way. The biggest problem with that is that once they have the house in sight they become pretty aggressive and think they don't have to listen anymore. I am going to talk to them about some of those basic training type things on Saturday. Yesterday I rode Pepsi and brought her fairly close to the house 3 times but then made her go the other way. We practiced lots of starting and stopping and standing too. She was pretty headstrong at first but then she realized I would let her do what she wanted if she would listen when I ask her to. I let her run and trot a bit too, but not too much because I don't want any injuries. It's really early in the season and she was huffing and puffing once we got back home even though we had taken the last bit easy. She's 20 years old which is no spring chicken!

It is going to be so fun though, and such an awesome release for me. I am so thankful James is understanding how I need something other than the kids to focus on. It's a great break from the stress of being demanded upon all day long. And just so everyone knows I am encouraging him to find a hobby or regular activity of some sort too. It's a new stage in our lives, being able to take breaks and get back to some of our pre-parent selves. We've found ourselves a great babysitter too, so we get some couple time in. I love little cuddly babies, but I have to admit that I am glad that intense and demanding stage is over.


Brandi said...

That is SO encouraging knowing that someday fairly soon I'll be able to get some "me" time!!!! The horses sound fun :-) My MIL has two horses with similar personalities--Sherman is the laid back, obedient one, but Jusint is a little black fire cracker! But they too hate being apart.

Reduce-Reuse-Repsycho said...

The intense and demanding stage ends??? YAY! There's hope on the horizon. :)

The Mama said...

Yes, it really does end. Well maybe it doesn't end, it just gets different!! With Gracie she needed me around alot and was demanding in general for a lot longer, like I didn't feel very comfortable leaving her with anyone until she was 2. But Ian is much more easy-going and isn't nearly as affected if I take off for a little while. It's really nice, but also kind of strange knowing we are truly done with the infant stuff for good!