Sunday, April 15, 2007

I finally have pictures!!
Here's Gracie and Horace and I last Saturday night.

Gracie gathering Easter eggs.

Ian in his snazzy new bunny ears.

Gracie sporting her ears as well.
Ian and his punchball.


Reduce-Reuse-Repsycho said...

Wow! Horace is a BIG kitty! He looks almost as big as Gracie. :)

Those ears are too cute. What a darling pic of Ian with his ears on. His cheeks are all rosy & I just wanna pinch 'em!

The Mama said...

I should weigh Horace. He's not really as big as he looks, he's a lot of fluff! Gracie can still haul him around pretty easily so I don't think he can weigh much more than 10 pounds.

I know, I love that picture of Ian too, I am going to blow it up and frame it!

April Showers said...

I like the ears too! Ian looks like he's such a happy kid! I can't wait to see him and give him hugs and kisses! Thanks for the update!

lisajo5 said...

Great pictures. I love the ears, makes me wish we had done stuff like that with Bobby.