Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today we head to the doctor.

Gracie threw up again last night.

I know it's probably just a virus and there probably isn't anything we can do about it but I'm going to take them in anyway just to be sure.


ETA: Well the doctors appointment went as I suspected it would. Most likely a virus, not much to do except push fluids, rest, and wait. The doctor did give us a kit to collect a stool sample so they can check for parasites if we want them to. I told Gracie I was going to have her poo in her little potty next time so I could put some in the little cup for the doctor and the only thing she said was "Can I help you pick up the poo?". Toddlers can be so weird!!


Susie said...

Hi Alice!
I was able to sign in OK! So sorry you are still fighting one bug or another.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope they get better soon!! My boys got sick once for 13 days---yep, throwing up diarrhea for 13 days---it was right before we moved to Guam and we were at the ER about 3 or 4 times---they never figured out what it was and it finally went away!!! I'll be praying they get better! Happy poop picking!!!

The Mama said...

NONONONONONONONONO, that is not what I want to hear. Someone else told me their kids puked for 10 days straight and the thought made me faint. 13 days.....if that's the case I am going on vacation somewhere very nice when this is all over!

lisajo5 said...

I am sorry you guys are still dealing with the yuckies. You can always come here after it is over, I would even take you to Disney. I hope everything gets settled down soon, you deserve a break.

April Showers said...

How are the kids doing today? I hope they kick it really soon, and that you and James don't get it. Mom left to go back home this morning, so I'll have to put up a few pictures from her visit. (How do you make it to where your blog is private?)

Reduce-Reuse-Repsycho said...

Oh man! I know Gracie doesn't handle puking well so this sounds like a form of hell for you guys.

I hear Coupon Chris' son Andrew is pretty good at picking up poop, we can call him in for the doody duty.

Anonymous said...

Just come here when it's all over!!! You NEED a vacation--bring the kids too!!!

Coupon Chris said...

You are so right about toddlers being weird. Last night Andrew comes walking up to me and he has my cell phone shoved down the front of his diaper. I can't figure out what possessed him to do that.

Oh, and he is really good for poop duty.