Monday, April 09, 2007

Where do I begin?

A lot has been going on, here's a recap:

We have decided once again to not move. Things just weren't coming together and we didn't want to push it. We never found a house that we just loved and we weren't getting any bites on renters. Those were two huge issues of course!! We are going to wait til the end of summer and then revisit the idea.

One of my friends and Gracie's very good friends moved away this week. I am really sad to see them go. Kim is an awesome mom and has been such a great example to me about how to mother and communicate with my kids. Her little girl Marilyn and Gracie are great friends and always play so well together. Luckily they moved to the Chicago area so we will be able to see them hopefully when we visit there!

The kids have been sick. This is one of the strangest illnesses we've ever had though. It started last Thursday with Gracie really not wanting to eat her dinner. I thought that was weird and sure enough she tossed her cookies about 2am requiring a bath, a change of clothes, and a complete change of sheets for the bed. Lovely. She was fine all day Friday, as was Ian. But then at 3 am that night Ian threw up all over himself and the bed requiring more bathing, clothing and bedding changes. Saturday everyone seemed fine. But once again Gracie threw up in the middle of the night. Last night.....same thing, after being fairly normal all day she threw up at 10:45. I am at my wits end at this point. We have completely cleaned the house from top to bottom trying to wipe off every surface this crud could possibly be living on. Ian isn't throwing up but he is having very disgusting abnormal diapers. So he's got it too, just dealing in a different way I suppose. It's so exhausting. Gracie, who is never very calm about anything anyway, completely freaks out when she throws up and each time it has taken a good 20 minutes to get her to stop screaming and crying. We have run baths and laundry in the middle of the night for the last 4 nights. We have had to make and remake beds. Each time this has happened has taken a good hour of our night away. Last night while sobbing in the tub Gracie declared "I hate pukies". I fully agree.

If you read the post below you can hear in James own words how he knocked Ian down the stairs. I won't go on about it....except to say it was horrible.

Some exciting news to share....we are adding another pet to the family. This one won't live with us though! It lives on a farm out east of us. I have decided to lease a horse!! Actually it's kind of an open agreement to ride one of two horses. They are two Standard Bred mares. Their names are Pepsi and Cola. They are former carriage horses that this family adopted in part to be therapy horses for their daughter. The family lives in same area we hope to be able to move to someday, in fact you can almost see one of the houses we looked at from their back yard! I am very excited, I haven't ridden regularly for years and I have been wanting my own horse as long as I can remember. Of course these horses aren't mine but I will be able to ride as often as I want so it will be almost like having my own. Being they are former carriage horses they are, as the owners put it, "bomb proof" so I can also introduce the kids to them and know I can trust them. We went to visit with them and see how things are yesterday and I will start riding them next weekend. I meant to take pictures yesterday but I forgot, so I will do next time. They ride them with western saddles, but they both direct rein because of how carriages are driven. They also have a colt that they are in the process of breaking and they plan to train him to ride English. I am hoping if they get an English saddle I can try it on the mares. I really love riding English.

We have planned Gracie's birthday party and it is going to be so awesome! We are going here. Our place just isn't big enough to have a bunch of people over for a party with all the active kids, so we had to do this. It should be a ton of fun! Auntie April is coming into town for the festivities which has Gracie very excited!

Blogger won't let me upload pictures so I guess I'll save that for later.

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Granny said...

Awful about the kids; great about the horse.