Friday, May 18, 2007

Things have been so busy around here!!

I started watching baby Blake this week. He's very sweet and pretty easy-going, but he's a baby non the less and requires a lot of my focus when he's here. I'm on the fence about continuing to watch him, I'm going to see how this next week goes. Gracie has seriously regressed this week, having potty accidents more than once a day every day this week. It is making me feel really guilty...I don't think the little income boost is really worth her feeling so displaced.

I've also been working on planning my 15th class reunion. Unfortunately the planning and work that should have been done months ago never was and now it's a virtual scramble to get things done for a reunion that is suppose to take place July 27th & 28th. There is a group of 4 of us, myself, Felicia, Chris, and Lisa who have now pretty much taken over all the planning. We have until the end of the month to get invitations in the mail and still no plans that are etched in stone. I attended a very small high school but still it's going to be a bit of planning to get everyone together and we are missing contact information for about half the class of 38 people. I'll feel much less frantic once I know our venues are officially booked and I am only missing information for a couple people.

Tomorrow we are headed up to Loveland to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. It's suppose to be a beautiful day so we will be able to have a picnic outside, it should be really nice.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon. Thank goodness the warm weather seems to be here to stay. I love the sun and playing outdoors! I gave the kids a bunch of pots and pans and the hose, they had a great time!


samantha said...

Aww...Poor Gracie----I'm glad you care more about your kids than the money---good mommy!!! I hope everything gets worked out for the reunion---I really wish I could be there---Oh well, maybe the next one!!! Talk to you soon..

April Showers said...

Yikes, you have been busy. I just looked on here earlier today and saw no recent updates, so I knew you had your hands full. That's no good with all the chaos of trying to put together the reunion. That's cool that you're doing that, though. I only had a class of 11 (I think) and I don't know what the majority of them are doing or where they're at. Give the kids hugs and kisses for me. Have fun at Mom and Dad's. Love you guys!

Lisa said...

Looks like Ian and Gracie had a blast.

You have had your hands full. Poor Gracie, maybe the change is just too much. I know you will do the right thing.

I can tell you that the next reunion will be planned out farther in advance and no letting the guys be in charge ever again. :-D