Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things the kids are saying!

Ian is progressing with his talking really well. Like Gracie he seems to be a pretty social little guy. His newest trick is to say "hello" to everyone. It's so cute and I always feel so bad when whoever he was trying to talk to ignores him. He doesn't give up though, he just says it over and over again to whoever will look.

He also has taken to saying "ouch" or "owww" when something is bothering him and he will point to where the problem is. I love the ability to effectively communicate!!! It's so nice to know what's wrong!

Gracie is full of sayings as always. Her most recent one is to say "You kill me off!" Which is her variation on me saying "you kill me!" when she is being really silly. So now if we make her laugh she says "Mom, you kill me off!"

Yesterday she added a variation to that phrase. We were goofing around and she said "Mom, you piss me off!" Yes, I do use that phrase. Obviously she had the context confused, cause she thought it was a response to something funny. And I was laughing after she she said it cause, you know, it was funny. So she kept saying it. I tried to explain that was something I say when I'm mad but I don't think she got it.

Today she wanted to go outside to tell the rain to go away. So I let her, and she stood on the back porch and yelled at the rain. It was pretty cute. Til a giant thunder crashed and sent her shaking into my arms!

Today she also informed me that rain is like a big giant sprinkler.

The other day I had to lift a chair out of the kitchen into the living room over the gate I have up to keep Bingo in the kitchen. The conversation went like this:

Gracie: Mommy, you are so big and strong, good job.
Me: Yes, I am a big, strong mommy.
Gracie: and fat too!
Me: Yes, mommy is big, strong, and fat. Thanks.
Gracie: No problem mommy!!

I guess I have to give her credit for being honest. We need to work on sensitivity though!


samantha said...

She is so funny!! Wesley is my honest one! He tells everyone exactly what he thinks---we have been embarrassed quite a few times! Sounds like Ian is getting to be such a big boy!!

samantha said...

Hey, I tagged you on my blog---check it out!!

Brandi said...

OMG that's hillarious!!!!! Yeah, I laugh now, but Adriana is on her way to the same thing.....oy vey...