Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our last few days have been very busy! On Friday I was finally able to manage getting to get together with Brandi (Flakes of Bran) and little Adri. We meet at a park and had a real nice time trying to talk while keeping all three kiddos safe!! Here's some shots from the park:

Yesterday we had our babysitter come bright and early at 9am so that we could go pick up a sofa sleeper I found for free on Craigslist. I've wanted to get something else with a bed in this house so now we have a nice comfy bed in our living room. After getting the couch we went to breakfast at a local diner that is designed to be like a 50's diner. It was very yummy! Then we ran to Whole Foods since we were on that side of town. We didn't really get much, just looked around and found some stainless steel water bottles we've been wanting to get. I have decided to purge the rest of my plastic food containers, basically all we've had left is cups and water bottles. Finding an alternative for the kids to drink out of that is also safe is kind of tricky, but I did find a product called Klean Kanteen that comes in a small sippy cup size and I'm going to order a few of those online. We were able to get adult sized ones at Whole Foods though.

After we got home we ate lunch and then we headed out with the kids to look at a house that just went on the market. It's southeast of here and it's quite beautiful. It's a bit smaller than what we're in now square footage wise, but it has an over sized two car garage, a shed, a barn, and it's on 8 acres!!! It's really about as close to our dream property as we've seen yet. It has amazing mountain views and is set on nice open land. We're hoping to get a look inside the house next weekend and then we will be faced with the same question we've been pondering for the last 6 months, sell or rent out this place. The market is finally turning a bit and our real estate agent said the sales that have happened in our neighborhood the last few weeks have shown properties to be holding or gaining value. This is very very encouraging to us, it makes selling a viable option for us. The next week will really help us figure out how to proceed.

Then today we went with another family that we are friends with to downtown Denver to attend The Peoples Fair. We rode the light rail and took the bus down to the area around the capital. It was fun, there was live music playing all over the place, lots of food, and lots of arts and crafts. It was a little chaotic with 5 kids between the two families, but we all had a good time! Here's a few shots of what we did:

Gracie running around and chasing bubbles.

Riding the slide.

Ian riding in luxury.

Gracie and her buddy Spencer.

Gracie working on her special hat.

The finished product!!

I've decided to stop doing my babysitting jobs, it's really been too much stress on all of us and it really hasn't been worth it. I am instead doing a little online work that earns money, taking surveys and signing up for trials. I was leery of it at first but I've been dabbling in it a bit the last few days to see how it all works and I'm really impressed. I am actually being paid by companies to try their stuff or sign up for their services. It takes a little organization because you have to sign up for things you probably won't use for the long run, so I have to keep track of when I need to cancel memberships and stuff so we don't end up spending money. So far so good though, I'll keep you posted!
That's about it around here for now!!


April Showers said...

Man, what a busy day! That little fair thing looked like fun. I love Gracie's hat! So are you completely all done baby-sitting the other 2 kids? I know you had your hands full. Maybe some day down the road you can find something similiar to that if you need to in the future. Give the kids hugs and kisses for me! Love you guys!

Brandi said...

I may have to talk to you about your online work--I need some spending money!!! And when you get a chance, could you send me a copy of that picture of the three kids? We had lots of fun--we'll have to do that again!!