Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing in the pool!
Making "soup"
Bathing Beauty
Tan little man

Cleaning veggie from the farmers market
Dividing out the clean pea pods

Walking the dogs

James on Fathers DaySilly girl!
My little bruiser. See his lip? That is the result of trying to climb on a box. If flipped and hit him in the mouth, he was bleeding all over from a cut inside his mouth! Now he has a nice black lip!

Climbing up

On the end table

Isn't he cute??
Remote boy!


Heather said...

Great pictures of the kids. It seems they can enjoy the hot weather better than anyone else! Oh the carefree life!

Susie said...

Cute pictures! Can't get over how much they grow each time I visit!!

samantha said...

Ian is getting to look like such a big boy---soooooo cute!!! I wish I could make it to the reunion---hope you all have fun!!

Brandi said...

I am SO glad my child is not the only one who climbs on the furniture!!! Now if I could just get her to stop taking off her clothes...and diaper.... ;-)