Thursday, June 21, 2007

Such a nice quiet week.

Things have been so nice and peaceful here this week without having to babysit. I think I will easily get use to this.

Ian is still a bit sick. He seems completely normal except he is still very runny and he tires fairly easily. If he acted more sick I might be tempted to take him to the doctor, but honestly he seems fine. I'm hoping it will finish out this week. He's started to say lots of words all the sudden, it seems like there is a new word or two every day. It's so exciting to have more understanding of what he wants!

Gracie is doing very well. She's been spending a lot of time out back with the little pool. The temperatures have really soared this week and it's in the high 90s every day. She really wants to take swimming lessons so I need to get on that. I did get her signed up for two classes though, one for July and one for August. In July she'll be taking a dance/gymnastics/movement class once a week for 45 minutes. In August she's taking a princess class which culminates in a formal tea party. It also meets once a week for 45 minutes. I have no doubt she will really love it.

We have finalized our plans for our trip to my class reunion. We will be road tripping and we are going to take a northern route through Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are going to take 4 days to get to Chicago so we can visit places like Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Wall Drug, Bear Country USA and whatever else strikes our fancy. There is a lot to see in those areas, we traveled it a few times when I was a kid and it was loads of fun. We will also be stopping in Galesville WI to visit with Chris. Then after 3 days at my dad and Helen's house we're going to try to high-tail it back home in only one night. It's a 16 hour drive straight through which just won't be possible with two little ones, even two 8 hour days will be a lot for them. I'm hoping that they will be worn out from all the activities of the week and will be happy to watch movies and sleep on our way home. I'm very happy to know we will have good and reliable house sitters this time, my friend and fellow blogger Brandi and her family are going to stay here and keep the animals under control!

We had a very nice fathers day around here, James got lots of fun loot! I think his favorites are The Dangerous Book for Boys, and a toy gun that shoots little nerf type balls. The kids love the gun, Gracie calls it "the bammy thingy that bams the balls"! We've developed a night time routine of having the kids run all around on the beds in our room while James shoots them and the walls and the pillows and everything else in the room. It's pretty funny and it wears them out pretty good!

This weekend we will be hanging at home on Saturday. On Sunday the Colorado Breastfeeding Task Force is hosting their National Breastfeeding Celebration down at the DU campus and will be attempting to break the national record of the most mothers breastfeeding their children in one place at one time. I am going to go and hopefully help get above 1,130 mamas and babies. There will also be vendors and children's activities, so it should be fun for all of us!

I think that's about it for now, maybe I'll get some pictures up later today or tomorrow!


Reduce-Reuse-Repsycho said...

Oh, YAY! I am sure that Ben & Brandi will love having the breathing room too!!!!

Brandi said...

YES WE WILL!!!! I'm most looking forward to cooking again!!!! You guys are going to come home to all sorts of gourmet left overs! ;-)

The Mama said...

Ohhhh, gourmet leftovers sound fabulous!!

I'm just so relieved to know we will have responsible people here. After our last house sitting fiasco I didn't know if we would ever be able to go on vacation without paying a kennel for all the pets, which is major $$$ for 4 pets for an entire week.

Brandi said...

Well, as long as we're in town (and especially while we're living with my parents!) we're always willing and available. And we LOVE animals, so all four will be in good hands :-)