Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ok, so obviously I didn't get to any blogging while on vacation!!!

The trip went well though, really well. We had a great time and it went by really fast. I'm going to do a few posts to kind of break things up and let you know what we did.

Saturday the 21st we left and headed for Custer, South Dakota. Here we are right before pulling out! We planned to drive to Glendo Reservoir in Wyoming and have lunch, swim for a bit, and then go on. Things went exactly as planned. We arrived at the reservoir just in time for lunch and headed out two hours later. We drove to Custer without any problems at all!! We checked into the Custer Motel: and headed out for dinner:

After dinner we went back to the motel and ended up stuck inside for a bit because it was pouring rain. So James read to the kids.
After the rain let up we went for a walk down the main street and then got ice cream. By the time we got back and washed up we were all beat. Here's a shot of little exhausted Ian:
The next morning we headed out to drive through Custer State Park and then see Mount Rushmore. We took the Needles Highway through the park, here are some shots we took at a couple different stops:

We did see one lone buffalo but we didn't get his picture!
Mount Rushmore was awesome, just as big and cool as I remembered. Gracie was very impressed and has learned who the presidents are, she can name them for you if you ask her!! It was a beautiful day, but VERY VERY HOT! We were told the high would easily be over 100, they were projecting 107!

After doing Rushmore we headed our for our drive across the state. It was a long day because it was after noon before we left Rapid City. We had to skip the Badlands because we got such a late start and because it was so stinking hot it would not have been any fun anyway. We just put the pedal to the metal and took off. We landed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota about 8pm.

Well, that was the first two days of our journey. I'll add more later!


samantha said...

Looks fun so far---I miss taking road trips so much---I'm looking forward to see how your adventure went!!

April Showers said...

I love the pictures and post. Can't wait to see and hear more! Tell G & I I said hey and that I love them!

Heather said...

Great post for the trip!-do you keep them to put in the picture albums for future memories. Too bad the weather was so hot. It makes for general misery!