Tuesday, July 17, 2007

T-minus 3 1/2 days til the first ever Burson family road trip.

I am both excited and terrified. And I should be cleaning the house........

We had Brandi and Ben (and Adri) here on Saturday for a little introduction to our house and some basic instructions. I need to write everything down for them, I'm afeared it will turn into a 50 page manual, I keep thinking of things I should tell them..... I've decided that leaving for vacation with 4 pets left behind is no small undertaking. Will I ever learn (and therefore stop collecting animals)? Probably not!

The cats have taken to a very bad habit of catching baby bunnies. I am housing one such bunny right now on our porch in the wagon. Apparently there is a nest of them not too far from our house. Scout caught one last week and a neighbor got him to let it go. I didn't think much of it til Saturday when he brought one to the front door. It was fine, he didn't hurt it, just carried it to me as a gift I guess. I didn't know what to do with it so I brought it to the bunny rescue lady who informed me it was large enough to be on it's own, so if the cat gets another one just release it near our house and it will be fine. Well it turns out the bunnies aren't really fine once you let them go, they just get caught again. Scout brought me another one yesterday, unharmed. I took Scout in the house and left the poor little thing hiding out under some flowers. Later in the day it was gone. Then this morning I see Horace pouncing on the bush in front of our porch and thought to my self "No, not him too...." Sure enough he had one. This little guys is slightly injured though, he has a cut on his back leg. So I am letting him sleep and rehabilitate in the wagon and I am going to release him later this evening down the path a bit where I know there is a colony of bunnies. Scout and Horace are now on strict lock-down. I figure if I can keep them in the house this week and Brandi can keep them in while we are gone that will give the bunnies two whole weeks to grow up which in bunny time is a lot. Then they will hopefully either have left their nest or be big enough to fight back. Poor little bunnies!!

We wrote up packing lists for the trip, and we are trying to not over do it. We have 3 nights on the road to get there, 4 nights in Chicago, and 1 night on the way home. We can do laundry at my dad and Helen's house, so we are only packing for 5 days with the idea we will wash once. Ian is going in disposables, so no diaper laundry. We are not taking any baby containing devices except a fabric carrier to use if necessary, but I figure for the most part we will want the kids burning off energy while we are stopped so I'm not going to strap them into a stroller. We are taking lots of snacks, lots of movies, and the DVD player. I have planned the trip down to random stops in the middle of nowhere and I have found local things to do for kid entertainment. We will be stopping at a huge reservoir in Wyoming, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, a local pool, and most importantly, the Sonic Motel, home of friend and fellow blogger Chris Williams. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing and lots of fun.

I will be taking the laptop with so hopefully I will be able to post from the road so you can come on our adventure with us!!! And we are taking the car top carrier, because there's an Ikea in Chicago and who knows what treasures we may have to buy. Last year we took care of almost all the kids Christmas shopping there!

Now, here's some pictures from the dance party we had earlier today. Enjoy!


April Showers said...

Yah for road trips! I know it will be a lot of work to get there and back, but it will be a trip to remember. Too bad you're not coming to the East Coast! (Although can you imagine THAT drive!) Looks like the dance party was fun! Give the kids kisses and hugs for me. Love you guys!

Brandi said...

Yes, there will be no gifting of bunnies while we're there! Unless, of course, it comes from the breeder with a little bow around its neck! I know!! If they DO get outside, when they come back in, Rosie will chase them upstairs and they can hide the bunnies as a surprise for when you guys get home!! ;-)

samantha said...

I really love road trips---that's one thing we don't get to do here! Have a great time!!

Felicia said...

We can't wait to see you guys!!!