Friday, July 20, 2007

What a crazy day.

Today was final trip preparation day. But for added fun Gracie decided to shove a button up her nose!

She was suppose to be taking her nap. She came down the stairs looking fairly worried and said "I have a button in my nose" while pointing at her left nostril. Great........... So I took a look and I couldn't see a thing. I asked her what color it was and she said white. I asked her how big it was and she said "It was very tiny, tiny, tiny!" So I said, "Ok, well we're going to have to go see the doctor then." Which totally freaked her out and she started crying...which led to snorting....which was freaking me out, I didn't want her to suck the button into her brain! So I started running around telling her it's ok, no worries, let's find a movie to watch, happy, happy, happy!

Once she settled down and was watching Blues Clues I called James and told him he was probably going to have to come home because Ian had just fallen asleep and Gracie needed to go to the doctor. Then I called our doctor, who was totally booked up. So I decided we would have to go to the Children's Hospital at our local ER. James came home, and we headed out.

Long story short, three different people looked in her nose and couldn't see a thing. She kept insisting it was up there though. Finally I called James and asked him to look around. He called back about two minutes later to say "Well.....I just found a small white button in Gracie's bed."

So we left the hospital. When we got home we showed it to her and she said "The button came out of my did that happen?" So the best we can figure she put it up there and then somehow it fell out while she was getting out of bed to tell me what happened and she didn't notice. Then I assumed she snorted it in and well, the rest is history.

Then later in the day I had to run to Payless to get a couple pairs of shoes for our trip. When we left there were these girls, maybe 6 & 8 sitting in the front seat of a running vehicle honking the horn at everyone that walked by. There was a lady sitting there also, maybe an aunt or a grandma? Anyway, every time they did it she told them to stop but she was letting them sit there in the front seat. They did it twice while we walked past and Gracie started to cry, she has a decent fear of cars anyway and that just scared her to death. We were parked next to them and they did it again while I was loading the kids in the car! So I turned around and yelled at the kids "Stop it. You are scaring her. Knock it off!" The lady just gave me this helpless look, I wanted to smack her. The younger kid was sitting there totally shooting a pissed off defiant look at me. And sure enough, as soon as I started pulling out of the space she started honking like crazy, like 10 times in a row. I was so angry at that point it took all the restraint I posses to not throw the car in park and give that kid a serious scare. It wasn't funny, it was mean. I pity that kid because she's obviously had some pretty poor parenting, and I pity her parents because if that's what she's like at 6ish I can only imagine what they will face down the road.

So, today was a very crazy day. But we are ready. The car is packed. Clothes are set out for the morning. The house is clean. And I am excited!

Chicago, here we come!!!


April Showers said...

Oh the button up the nose! Every kid needs at least one good experience of putting something up their nose. Here at the daycare we have a regular occurence of a kid putting a wood chip or rock from the playground up their nose. I'm glad she was OK though. I hope you guys have a GREAT trip. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it! Give me a call sometime if you need something to do in the car for a few minutes! Love you guys!

Susie said...

I am horribly behind on visiting, so by the time you read this you've already left for Chicago. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
My brother once poked a rock up his nose and had to have surgery to have it removed. Glad Gracie's was a false alarm :)