Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicago at last!!!

While visiting my Chicago we always stay with my dad in Palatine, which is where I grew up. He and Helen have transformed their home and property into a wonderful little oasis and it's a great place to visit. They have a pond with fish and a train that Ian just loved, as well as dogs and cats and a huge garden......it's basically a kids paradise! Here are some shots of us hanging out:

Day one in Chicago Gracie and I traveled to the west suburbs to see Kim and Marilyn and new little baby Ben. Kim and I met at LLL when Marilyn was just a couple months old and Gracie was still in my belly. They moved back to Chicago this spring. She's a great mom and a great friend, I miss having her here. We had a great time with them, the girls played and played, Kim and I talked and talked, Ben slept and slept......it was so nice.

Day two we ended up going north to Cary to visit with James family. He has an aunt and uncle that live in Cary and a grandpa that lives in Barrington. It's always nice to visit with them when we are in town. We were also lucky that James cousin Emily and her boys were also in town from Vegas for a visit, so we got to see them. We had chicken for lunch and the kids played and the adults talked. It was a very nice visit. The kids loved the piano!

Friday we really didn't do much of anything, we decided to just hang around the house and relax, then we had my reunion dinner on Friday night. It was very nice to see everyone again and I had a great time talking and catching up with everyone. Here's a picture of James and I at the dinner:

The kids gave my dad and Helen a run for their money while we were gone and Ian was still up when we got home at 11:30!!! But everyone survived and James and I went out for the kids bedtime for the first time ever (Well, except when I was in the hospital having Ian. But that wasn't really very fun.)

I realized while writing this post that I did a horrible job of taking photos of all the family we were visiting with. Good grief, I have a couple pictures of my dad and that's it......none of anyone else. Shame on me!!!!! So to all you family people, please make sure I take out my camera and take some family pictures next time we see you guys!!!!!
We headed out of Chicago early on Saturday morning and drove to Lincoln Nebraska. We stopped once in Iowa somewhere and visited a very cute little city park. We walked around for a bit and then got back in the car. Again, the kids did just awesome and took 8 hours of driving without much complaint at all. We made it back to Denver the next day around dinner time.
All in all it was a great trip and James and I were totally amazed at how well the kids did. There were no major meltdowns in the car, they traveled and played and watched movies and slept great. It has made us very happy knowing we can now attempt road trips without fear!!!

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April Showers said...

That's cool that you got to see Matt and Emily and the boys. I didn't know they were going to be up there too. The train and stuff looks cool at your dad's house. Yeah for a successful road trip! Now you just need to attempt a longer one to the East Coast to see Auntie Aprl! :-) Yeah right, huh? Love you guys!