Friday, September 07, 2007

So, we went to a new park this morning. I found it via Brandi, her last blog post mentioned it and I wanted to take the kids there.

It had a little stream running through it and there were some kids wading in it. There were a couple of small foot bridges to play on and you could get in the water right from them. So we went down to one. Gracie was nuts to jump right in and I was holding Ian's hands while he was walking on the bridge, it was like cement railroad ties all spaced a couple inches apart. Off one side of the bridge it was all sandy and stuff, but the other side was slanted down cement that was covered with mossy stuff. I thought "I need to tell Gracie to stay on the sandy side" which is where she was. I had my back turned though and I guess she crossed behind me because the next thing I know she's slipped and slides like 4 feet down this little slant with water pouring down on her. It was not even an inch deep, but still..........She kept trying to stand up but because it was so slippery she fell again and again and again. I was trying to get to her but I had to go very slowly and carefully so I wouldn't fall and I needed to make sure I was stable enough to pick her up without falling. I kept yelling to her "Gracie, just be still, just sit, stop moving, just sit, I will get you." But she was so panicked and cold and wet that she just kept trying to come up the stupid little incline. I finally got to her, almost slipped twice getting back to the foot bridge, and then I was so relieved that Ian had stood perfectly still and didn't try to follow us because, oy, that would have been really bad............

Once we were standing up there and she stopped crying she looked up at me and said,
"Mommy, you saved me." and I said
"Gracie, I will always save you." and she said
"Thanks mommy, you're the best mommy to protect me." and then she asked
"Can I go back in now?"

Some days parenting is like a slow and painful death......

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Felicia said...

Awww. You just made me cry & laugh all at the same time. :)