Thursday, October 04, 2007

Meow, meow, meow, meow!!

So,we have cats.

Many cats.


Yesterday I took in a Mother cat and her 6 babies. One of her babies is 18 months old and has already had two litters of her own, the other 5 are only 5 weeks old!!! They are super sweet. Add that crowd to our own two and our house is inhabited by 9 cats! Luckily both the adult cats are very friendly and gentle and the kittens were well socialized. I don't think we'll have any problems finding them homes.

Here are some pictures:

Precious- Mama to everyone! She's a Dilute Torbie.

Callie- Older sibling to the kittens, about 18 months old. She had two litters of kittens this summer, her last one went to it's new home on Monday I guess. She's a Tortie and White.

Singa- Female Tortoiseshell. Gracie's favorite.

Smoke- Male dark gray tabby.

Rhett- Male dark gray circle tabby.

Stripe- Male tuxedo.

Colorful- Female Calby.

I learned about what type they are according to pattern on Wikipedia. I had no idea there were so many types of Calico cats!

They will be with us for probably a month. The kittens need to be 8 weeks old and then they can all (adults included) be fixed. Then they will all go to new homes. They came from a lady on Craigslist that couldn't afford to have them all fixed and also has unneutered males in the house, so they were churning out kittens like a factory! The local shelters are over capacity right now so if she brought them there it would be a death sentence. I couldn't stand that thought, so here they are.

So....if you know anyone that wants a kitten or cat, send them our way!


Felicia said...

That tuxedo kitten looks like a baby Juliet! I love him!

That woman needs to be shot for having unspayed lady cats and unaltered man cats living under the same roof. I say we have HER spayed too!

Susie said...

I love Calico cats. We used to have a very gentle Mama Calico. Good luck finding homes for all of them :)

April Showers said...

Oh my goodness - you really are Dr. Doolittle! :-) I'm sure Gracie is in kitty heaven. That's a sweet picture of her and the one calico. What does Maggie think of the increasing cat population in her house? Porr doggy! :-) Tell G & I I said hi and that I love them very much. I really miss you guys! Can't wait for my next visit!

Brandi said...

Awwww!!! They're all so cute! It's too bad we have so many things against us...(like allergies!!) or I'd take one!! Gracie's favorite is my favorite too :-)