Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big first for Gracie

Yesterday Gracie was invited to a have dinner at her friend Paige's house. We had met them at the park to play in the afternoon and the girls asked if Gracie could go eat dinner over there so we moms decided sure, why not! Gracie walked home from the park with them while I walked home with Ian alone. She had a great time, they played for awhile longer before dinner and then James picked her up a little after 7. I can't believe my little girl is big enough to play with her friends without mommy but apparently she is! *insert misty eyes here*

In other news Ian woke with a fever of 103.4 around 11pm. A short while earlier Gracie had decided she was scared and needed to sleep with us. So when Ian woke up burning like the sun I decided to sleep with him and Gracie stayed in our room with daddy. I don't think any of us got very good sleep. Ian still feels crappy, his fever is bouncing between 101 and 103. No other symptoms so I assume it is some random kid virus. I hope it passes soon.

James stayed home due to to the sick boy and the fact that our floor is getting installed today and I had a list of errands a mile long for today. So he went out and got his hair cut, picked up dinner for Sunday, and picked up a dresser I found for Gracie's room. Gracie's current dresser is adorable but unfortunately it's totally falling apart, it's made of press board and no amount of rescrewing, using larger screws, or liquid nails will keep it together. We've repaired it more times than I care to count. We got it two years ago for $30 so I can't really complain! Today he picked up an antique dresser that is in fabulous condition! I just need to pain it white and it will be good to go, right now it's a seafoam green color. I need to paint her little book shelf too, so I guess I'll do them at the same time!

Tomorrow is LLL and this weekend is full of plans, we are going to an eggs-stravaganza at the local museum on Saturday followed by a babysitting swap Saturday evening. Sunday we will have James parents down for dinner. Busy is good though, right!

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