Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You gotta love these. Both are from today!

Today we are driving in the car and she starts asking me to add numbers.
"Mommy, what's 10 and 4? Mommy, what's 10 and 8?" And so on.
Then she asks me
"Mommy what's 10 and January? Is that Tenuary?"

I was doing dishes this morning and she came to me doing a sign. I didn't know what the sign was exactly so I was guessing. She wouldn't talk of course, she just kept doing it so I would keep guessing. Anyway......finally I got close to it I said
"Is it a plant growing?" and she says
"Yes, it means grow. It's Spanish for grow!"
So many of the kids programs now have either signs or Spanish in them, apparently she's getting her languages confused!

I'm gonna have to start adding Ianisms soon, he's talking up a storm these days!

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Heather said...

Gracie sure does pick up things so easily! It's so exciting that they can learn languages so quickly when they are young! I'm glad you're back on blogger