Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's been awhile!

I check in from time to time but haven't actually written anything in soooo long. No reason really, I've been messing with Facebook but I've decided that I miss my writing outlet. in Burson land life has shifted a bit. Ian is 2 now and is well on his way to boyhood. He is still sweet as pie. His current obsessions are hammers, horses, and trains. He loves beating the heck out of everything, he uses any hard object as his "hamma" and spends large amounts of time every day hitting the walls, floors, furniture, toys, pets, us, while he plays handyman. It's mostly cute although sometimes painful. He's also really enjoying books now, he loves his bedtime stories! Ian weaned a week before his birthday and we moved him into his own room a few weeks ago. He has adjusted wonderfully, he sleeps all night without a peep and loves his new space.

Gracie is almost 4, I can't believe it! She got her ears pierced in December and is looking more and more like a big girl every day. She's still social as ever and recently took an art class at the rec center. She's looking forward to starting music class up again at the beginning of April. When we moved Ian into his own room we also redecorated hers and it is super cute and more girly than babyish now. She likes to spend time doing art projects and is getting into board games. She's been practicing on her bike again and is really hoping for a bike with pedals for her birthday, I guess we'll see!!

James is in graduate school, he is getting his MBA through Regis University. He started his classes on Monday. It's going to be a big change with retreating to do his homework every night but it's a good thing. It will take him about 2 years, possibly less if he is able to get into the accelerated program once he has completed his first year.

There' s nothing much going on with me except for the cleaning and managing of the above mentioned humans plus the cats and the dog. I'm still babysitting a few hours a week too. My household chores have increased a bit with James in school, I want to make sure he isn't distracted from getting stuff done. He's always been a very helpful husband who constantly pitches in with housework and kid management so I will miss that but it won't be forever! I've also been figuring out some home improvement stuff. We are going to get a new floor installed in the living room finally and we are also hopefully going to have wood and iron railings installed in the stairwell. We have a couple bids on the job and are seeing how the $$ works out. It will be so nice when it's done!!!

Today we went to The Wildlife Experience, a local museum that focuses on animals and conservation in art. I bought a membership so we'll be there often. They have massive dioramas and displays of stuffed animals as well as beautiful art work and a couple great children's areas. We had a blast today, one of the newer displays is about being an settler in the Jamestown settlement and it was like a choose your own adventure type maze thing where you see if you can survive. Gracie and I thought it was really fun, Ian liked running off and making me find him..... It was so fun to teach Gracie about the different decisions that could be made and how they would affect your life. She's sooo smart and she just soaks it all up like a sponge. I love seeing her learn and think things through. It's so awesome!

I'll get some pictures up soon. Our camera officially died and we've been borrowing one from James office. I haven't been as good about taking pictures since it's not our own camera. We really need to just go get a new one.


April Showers said...

Hey - you're back! I don't check this very often either, but I want to get back into writing on it too. So maybe I'll have to do that later this week. That's cool that things are going well for you guys! Have a good day! Love you!

Brandi said...

I THOUGHT I checked this a little more often...imagine my surprise!!! You'll have to tell me how you guys transitioned Ian into his own room. Now that Adri has her own room, we're trying to get her moved in there before Johanna is born so that we only have ONE child in our room at a time :-)