Saturday, March 22, 2008

A new floor and a new camera!

Our living room floor is all done. We had all the carpet replaced with a wooden laminate and it looks sooooooo wonderful. It also now highlights how desperately we need to paint the walls. As soon as the weather is nice enough to have the windows open for a few days to let it air out I will be all over it.

We purchased a Canon S5 last night. Our previous camera has been dying a slow death since last February when Ian dropped it on the cement in my dad's basement. It officially gave up the ghost a couple months ago and we have been sparingly using a camera from James office. It doesn't take great pictures though and I have been too nervous to take it anywhere with me because it's not ours. With the tax return in place we decided that we really wanted to replace the camera. I wanted to get the best camera we could justify purchasing because I really do enjoy taking pictures and I want a camera that will work with me and more importantly take good pictures of children who rarely sit still. So far this camera is great. I know there is a lot I can do with it, I just need to learn a little more. The manual is huge but I am determined to read it so I can use every possibility and have great pictures. So here's a few from the last 24 hours!

The student quietly listening to his lectures on the internet:

The boy ever so patiently waiting for his breakfast:

The girl pretending to be a princess at the ball (note the new floor):
More pictures later, blogger is being a real pita. I may just put pics up on face book and publish the link, it's a million times easier to put them up there!

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