Monday, March 24, 2008

Project Complete!

This weekend I needed to repaint a dresser we picked up for Gracie. The dresser she had was adorable but totally falling apart. Press-board furniture just does not last the abuse of a child! So I shopped around on Craigslist and found a really cute antique dresser that I thought was perfect. I sent James to pick it up last Thursday and I really loved it except that it was mint green! From the pictures on Craigslist it looked white which I thought was perfect, I wouldn't have to do a thing to it. However when he got home I was faced with a green dresser which just could not go in her beige, pink and white bedroom. So I whipped out the paint that was left from painting her room and got to work. I needed to paint her book shelf too which oddly was also a mint green, so I did both projects together. I think the dresser turned out adorable and it looks perfect in her room.

The drawers, before:

The dresser, before:

The finished product:

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