Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The things she says.......

I gotta save this one for posterity.

The Scene: Last night the kids are in the tub and Gracie is playing with a cup.

Gracie: "Look mommy, I have a cup vagina."

Me: "Wow! What happened to your regular vagina?"

Gracie: "I don't know. I think I lost it."

Me: "You lost it? Well, that's too bad."

Gracie: "No mommy, I know, I didn't lose it.........I put it in a crotch box!!"

I laughed so hard!! Where does she come up with this stuff??!!!


Coupon Chris said...

LOL. She is too funny. Andrew saw The Fox and The Hound recently and from that he has learned things like "you're my best friend", "we'll be friends forever" and "we'll have fun forever".

I was looking for another pair of undies for him when he peed in his and telling him how he is supposed to pee in the potty, when he tells me "Mommy, my penis is my best friend. We'll have fun forever." I am trying hard not to crack up when he looks at me and says "Are you laughing Mommy?" I lost it. I started laughing. All I could think was, well he's not totally wrong.

The Mama said...

Oh my gosh Chris, that is hysterical and yes, quite on the mark!!