Monday, March 31, 2008

A very busy weekend!

Phew. I'm exhausted.

We had a very busy weekend. Lots of fun though.

This was the last weekend in our present storage unit. This was the unit we purchased when we were planning to move out. It was 5x10 with a 12 foot ceiling and we had it stuffed full with boxes. Tons and tons and tons of boxes. We've been slowly bringing them home and we had to have the rest moved into the smaller unit we are going to keep permanently unless we wanted to pay more. So Saturday morning we went to the storage place, moved boxes, did a tiny bit more of downsizing. (You know how much we have brought to Goodwill the last couple months? I think we have stocked the entire Parker Road store at least once, if not twice!) We brought all the yard toys back home and we were able to shut the storage unit door without fearing for our lives when we open it again.

Saturday afternoon after naps we headed to Denver for the Denver Auto Show. It was lots of fun. We met grandma and grandpa there and the kids ran around and played in many many cars while we adults tried to keep and eye on them and learn a little about all the new cars. Then we walked down to 16th street (without jackets, it was a beautiful day) and had dinner at Jonny Rockets. After dinner grandma and grandpa had to head home and we headed back into the car show for awhile. We stayed there til after 8 and then headed home with two very exhausted children. You can find pictures here. (There are a few pics from easter too.)

Sunday morning we emptied out the boxes we had gotten Saturday and James ran to get sand for the sandbox. Then after nap we headed up to Brighton to purchase our cow shares. We are now the proud owners of 3 shares of a dairy cow! In Colorado you aren't allowed to purchase raw (meaning non-homogenized and pasteurized) milk. You aren't allowed to buy it or sell it in any manner. BUT, you can drink raw milk from your own cow. So people like us that would like the health benefits of raw organic milk can enjoy it but you have to buy part of a cow. (For information on raw milk just google it.) Our cow lives at Johnson Acres Dairy. Our milk will be delivered weekly down here in Aurora and then we will pick it up. We took our first 3 gallons home yesterday but we haven't tried it yet because we still had a little milk left in the fridge. That should be gone today though, and then we'll get to the good stuff!

After we got home last night we finished unpacking and organizing the stuff from the storage unit, got the kids in bed, and watched Blades of Glory. Now that was some funny stuff!!

So we're back to normal this morning, James left for work, the kids I babysit will be here in an hour. Hopefully next weekend will be restful!

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