Thursday, April 10, 2008


Apparently mother nature didn't get the memo that snow is like soooooo last month. It is snowing like crazy outside. A true spring snow storm. We have a few inches now, it's hard to tell how much exactly because it's blowing everywhere and it's also melting pretty darn fast. I just had to take Tristen (the boy I babysit) to school and the roads are actually pretty good, there are some slushy patches but mostly it's just wet. We've had enough warmer weather that the roads are warm enough to melt it almost as fast as it lands. It's the kind of snow I think the weathermen should term a "pruning snow" because it is super wet and heavy and is sure to break a few trees and bushes. I guess that's nature tending it's own garden, ehh?

It's suppose to be 70 on Monday though, getting warmer every day between now and then, so I can tolerate it. This might be the last snow of the season. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So tired!

Today I am tired. I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally just drained.

It's been a busy week. I am getting really sick of babysitting. The kids I watch are generally good kids and it's not a hard job persay but their dad changes the schedule around all the time which is very frustrating. There is no space in our home for 4 kids to run and play and scream and it is getting harder to cope with. I don't know what is up with this but it seems like every day they are here is a cold, windy, and ugly day so we get trapped inside. It's hard. I hate being the mean lady telling everyone to stop screaming and stop yelling but I end up doing that. By the time the kids leave and James gets home I am toast. Yesterday around dinnertime I completely lost it and yelled at everyone and it was awful. I don't like feeling so overwhelmed and trapped. I hate being angry like that.

This house is giving me pains again. I just can't seem to be content with it and I am trying as hard as I can. I just hate the lack of space, the lack of yard. Tensions among neighbors is rising because we are all trapped here and none of us is happy. I had a neighbor actually send their kid out to pick up after my kids while they were still playing a couple weeks ago, they were moving rocks around and apparently that neighbor was bugged by it. Everyone wants their own space but none of us can have it since everything is communal. It's insanely tough some days. We have done the best we can and we will keep plugging along but we are entertaining the idea of finding a renter again. We would just rent a home here in Parker that has more room. It's just such a difficult decision. I want to get out of here sooooooo bad but not if it's going to cause us financial difficulty. My worse nightmare is moving back in here. Once we are out I want to be out for good but if we are renting this to someone there is always the possibility that we would at some point lose a renter and not be able to find another one and be forced back in here. The idea of moving back in here seems worse than the thought of never leaving in the first place.

James is plugging away at his schooling and I think we are both realizing how hard this is gonna be. He's up til after 10 every night doing his school work. As soon as the kids go to bed he plugs in and keeps at it. Then I come up to bed and I am bursting with the need for adult conversation so I keep us awake discussing stuff til midnight. We are both tired from it. I can see this is going to be a LONG two years.

We leave on vacation next week. I am looking forward to the break from routine and also to having James around every day although he will still have to do school work. I hope the weather is nice in the Carolinas, I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunshine. Not that it's been horrible weather here. Maggie is staying with a doggie babysitter while we are gone and the cats are going to stay here. One of my friends and her kids are going to check in on them a few times. This weekend we will have to do packing lists and pack, I want our bags ready to go on Sunday night, save our bathroom necessities.

I have joined a new local AP group and I also have 3 leader applicants for my LLL group. I am thrilled to have more people to share the load with, believe it or not Parker is becoming quite the place for attached and natural parenting. I never would have thought! It's nice to have a local group to hang out with again, the kids especially enjoy all the social activities.

I have also signed up to be a foster parent for Retriever Rescue of Colorado. I know, it doesn't make much sense after I was complaining about how we have no room in this house! I just figure we all need to do our part and I can give two things that foster homes need to have, time and attention. We don't have a lot of space but at least I can provide a safe place for a dog to stay temporarily while a permanent home is found. The rescue provides food, a crate, collar, leash, and medical care, the main thing the dogs need is a place to sleep and time to find a family. I hope we can help make a little difference. It's a much better situation for a dog than a shelter would be. When we need a break we just say no, or if a dog proves to be too much for whatever reason the rescue will move them to a different foster home immediately. It sounds like they have a very good organization going, I guess we'll see. We haven't decided for sure when we will take our first dog, we are all approved, we just need to figure out the timing.

Anyway, this is a long and fairly boring post so I will stop. I'm generally a "the glass is half full" sort of girl but today I just feel out of sorts. The kids are down for a nap and I should really take advantage and shut my eyes for awhile too.


Monday, April 07, 2008

When Two Year Olds Tell Jokes

Ian: Not,not (translation: knock, knock)

Me: Whose there?

Ian: Pee poo

Me: Pee poo who?

Ian: Banana *and he bursts into forced laughter*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cherry Creek State Park

We bought a yearly state parks pass this year, mainly so we can take advantage of the beach at the reservoir and the dog park. Today we went down to the dog park, the kids and I have gone a few times now but this was James first visit. The dog park area has the Cherry Creek running all through it and the dogs have a great time playing in the water. The kids love it too, they explore along the creek and were finding lots of rocks and stick to throw into the sea, as Gracie calls it!

Here's a few of the best pictures:

Thursday, April 03, 2008

No more daytime diapers!

Yep, you read that right, I am officially off of daily diaper duty. WOOT!!

Truth is this probably could have happened a few months ago. Ian has had all the signs of potty readiness since around his birthday but I kept putting it off. I just wanted to make sure. Then he started telling me every time he peed or pooped his diaper and I realized that if I didn't get on this train fast it would pass and I would be changing his diapers for another year or more. So last week we went for it, no more diapers. At home he's mostly naked and when we are out he wears his cute little underware and we bring his little potty with us in the nifty diaper bag that we got in the hospital when he was born, it fits the baby bjorn little potty just perfectly!!! Since we started he has had two accidents and they were both at home because we didn't take his pants off and were out of reach when he had to go. That's the trouble with him being a little younger I guess, he can't quite do it himself yet!

There is a weird little part of me that is actually mourning the passing of diapers because it's the last "baby" thing Ian does. I can't believe that the baby stage is totally over in our house. It doesn't seem possible.

Gracie isn't wearing anything at night anymore either, she crossed that bridge a couple months ago. So another year or so of night diapers for Ian and then it will be all done for good. I can't even imagine what that will be like!!!