Thursday, April 03, 2008

No more daytime diapers!

Yep, you read that right, I am officially off of daily diaper duty. WOOT!!

Truth is this probably could have happened a few months ago. Ian has had all the signs of potty readiness since around his birthday but I kept putting it off. I just wanted to make sure. Then he started telling me every time he peed or pooped his diaper and I realized that if I didn't get on this train fast it would pass and I would be changing his diapers for another year or more. So last week we went for it, no more diapers. At home he's mostly naked and when we are out he wears his cute little underware and we bring his little potty with us in the nifty diaper bag that we got in the hospital when he was born, it fits the baby bjorn little potty just perfectly!!! Since we started he has had two accidents and they were both at home because we didn't take his pants off and were out of reach when he had to go. That's the trouble with him being a little younger I guess, he can't quite do it himself yet!

There is a weird little part of me that is actually mourning the passing of diapers because it's the last "baby" thing Ian does. I can't believe that the baby stage is totally over in our house. It doesn't seem possible.

Gracie isn't wearing anything at night anymore either, she crossed that bridge a couple months ago. So another year or so of night diapers for Ian and then it will be all done for good. I can't even imagine what that will be like!!!


April Showers said...

Yah for that, especially with the extra work you've had to do with washing them. I know you'll be excited to have him fully potty trained!

Marie said...

So happy for u. think it is funny my littel one pattie traind this weka too. I knwo how u feel. I love watching him grow and learn, but it is still hard to let go of his baby hood.