Thursday, April 10, 2008


Apparently mother nature didn't get the memo that snow is like soooooo last month. It is snowing like crazy outside. A true spring snow storm. We have a few inches now, it's hard to tell how much exactly because it's blowing everywhere and it's also melting pretty darn fast. I just had to take Tristen (the boy I babysit) to school and the roads are actually pretty good, there are some slushy patches but mostly it's just wet. We've had enough warmer weather that the roads are warm enough to melt it almost as fast as it lands. It's the kind of snow I think the weathermen should term a "pruning snow" because it is super wet and heavy and is sure to break a few trees and bushes. I guess that's nature tending it's own garden, ehh?

It's suppose to be 70 on Monday though, getting warmer every day between now and then, so I can tolerate it. This might be the last snow of the season. I sure hope so.

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