Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Checking In

Wow, could it really be almost a month since I last posted?

Time has been flying by. Our vacation went very well but preparation for it and settling back in afterwards ate up about 3 weeks. Crazy!

Gracie turned 4 on May 1st, it came up so quick after our trip that I was caught without having bought any presents just 4 days before her birthday. Thank goodness for a swap that gave me lots of goodies to start with, and then to fill out the rest. She got half her presents the day after her birthday but she didn't care!

My allergies have been on overdrive, it's truly horrible. I'm red, I'm runny, I'm sneezy, I'm exhausted, I'm stuffy, and I'm itchy. I'm trying to handle things naturally with homeopathics and vitamins and a few doses of raw honey a day, but honestly I'm about to give in to the drugs. I don't know what else to try. I'm holding out til after this weekend though because.......

We are headed to Estes Park for LLL of Colorado and Wyoming bi-annual Parenting Conference. I am very excited about this, I went for just the day two years ago and it was awesome. This time we are going for the whole conference up at the YMCA camp in Estes Park. (Side-note: James and I actually had our first date up at that camp, attending a concert!) We have some friends that are going as well and I know the kids are going to have fun and be exhausted from running with all the other kiddos. And maybe I will learn a thing or two about being a better parent also!

Anyway, I don't want to start allergy drugs while at 10,000 feet, I figure that's probably not a good idea. So I'll wait til we come back home on Monday and if I am still miserable I will start them up then.

James got his grade for his first Grad class. He got an A-!!! Yay James! These classes are definitely challenging, they are all 8 week block courses with one week off between, year round. It's a lot of work, he was averaging 15 hours of school work per week!!! With that one completed we are now 1/16th of the way through his MBA. I know it's not much but sometimes you gotta celebrate the small stuff.

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