Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Declare Defeat

Last night around 11pm, after laying in bed scratching my eyes in misery, I dragged my allergic little self to the kitchen and took an Allegra.

I had the best night of sleep I've had since we returned from our trip.

Today I took a Claritin so I wouldn't be drowsy because the Allegra literally kicks me to sleep.

I feel so good. I have been a major bitch the last few days due to the allergies, seriously I felt horrible from top to bottom and was so exhausted it wasn't even funny. Today I am my normal self, I feel just fine and I like my kids again. Dr. Jekyll has disappeared, I am once again Ms. Hyde.

So, I am turning in my crunchy card on this one. The drug companies have my money for the 6-8 weeks I need relief in the spring. It is what it is, I have tried so much and been so miserable.

So thank you to those nerdy scientists who hide out in the labs figuring out how to make our bodies behave the way we want them to. I'm generally a cynic but today I am glad for your overpriced little white pills. I just pray I don't grow an extra limb because of it.

Amen and amen.

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Coupon Chris said...

I don't know, an extra limb might come in handy depending on where it grows. Sometimes I could use a 3rd arm.