Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A new (temporary) family member

Tomorrow we will be taking in our first foster dog from Retriever Rescue of Colorado

His name is Boulder and he is a 2 year old retriever mix. He's very cute, you can read all about him here, just scroll down to find his name, you'll see his picture and a short description. They wanted us to foster him because of his fence jumping abilities, since we don't have a yard and always walk Maggie when we take her out they know he will be safe here. I guess he's climbed out of the yard of his present foster 3 times now!!! Besides the fact that he's a Houdini hound he sounds like a great dog, he loves kids, cats, and other dogs and is just needing the right people to find him.

So wish us luck. This is kind of a trial thing, we'll see how this first one goes and decide if we want to keep doing this or not. I'm hoping for the best, planning for the worst, and figuring for something in the middle. I'll keep you updated!

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