Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This and That

Life keeps on moving!

Boulder is doing well. We haven't heard from the family he's been matched with, I called them yesterday to set up a meeting. I hope I hear from them soon. He's a good boy though, at least we have that. His only real issue is that he likes to mark EVERYTHING. When I walk him he pees about 5476 times in a 10 minute span. Worse yet he has done it in the house. I'm guessing he was just neutered recently. I know he'll figure it out, he's a smart guy, but his issues have him on a "If I can't keep an eye on him he has to stay in the crate" rule right now. This is a picture of him. He's a cutie for sure!
Yesterday we played outside most of the day. We had a meeting from 10-12 with 3 moms from my LLL group who are all going to work on becoming leaders (yay for having help with the group). Once we got home we played in the pool for the first time this year. They were having so much fun I let Ian skip his nap. Both kids got a lot of sun and had a lot of fun. I'm so glad it's spring!!!

Gracie is sick today. I'm not sure what, I was wondering if she had heat stroke but I think it's more than that. She has a fever and a headache and she's actually taking a nap right now. We have had a stretch of sickness ever since our trip to the Carolinas. We've had just a few healthy days, otherwise there seems to always be a runny nose, a cough, or a fever in someone. I'm really not sure what's going on, I'm beginning to wonder if the kids don't have seasonal allergies like I do and that's mixed in there as well.

My allergies are much better now that I am medicating. I still have lots of fullness in my ears and sinuses but at least the dripping and the itching have stopped. I wish there was a better way to deal with all this but I haven't found anything yet.

James is plugging away at his second class, this one is bookkeeping and accounting and it's proving more challenging than the last class. I know he will be glad to have this one behind him!

Well, I'm going to go enjoy some peace and quiet now! Bye!

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