Monday, June 09, 2008

Meet Holly!

Brynn left our house last week, she transferred to another foster home because she wasn't doing so great here with us, she got sick and all the activity and other pets were making her pretty nervous!

So on Saturday night we got Holly. Oh my goodness she is a sweetie. I want to keep her. I know I can't but I really want to. She's adorable, she won't be very big, and she's got a very sweet and calm personality. I offered to foster her because of her name, Holly was the name of my beloved black cocker spaniel from my childhood. She was a great dog. Maybe it was the name because this little lady is gonna be a good dog too! She's retriever and probably spaniel or setter mix. Not sure exactly, we never are!

There are a couple applicants with the rescue that might be a match for her so she probably won't be here more than a week. Then we won't be taking any more dogs until after the 4th of July weekend because we will be too busy.

So, here she is:

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