Tuesday, July 29, 2008


July has been a busy month.

I took the kids to Chicago the 15th-22nd and we had a great time. We saw lots of family and did some touristy stuff and chilled with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a very nice week, although exhausting without James there to help shoulder the work. I don't think I'll be traveling alone with the kids like that for awhile!

Gracie is every bit of 4 years old now. She has an imagination that is huge. She is drawing pictures now of objects that are identifiable, people with faces, hair, bodies, hands, etc..... She's also into drawing animals, and flowers and trees, as well as hearts! She has started writing a bit now too, she can write most letters of the alphabet very well and she loves to have me tell her how to spell real words. It's amazing really, to see the light bulb come on and the excitement she has about being able to communicate with writing. I'm sure reading is probably not far behind, she's obsessed with books and learning everything she can get her hands on!

Ian is doing great also. He is talking up a storm now, he speaks full sentences with complete thoughts and he uses pronouns and descriptive words correctly most of the time. He still likes to put s on the end of a lot of words which I think is adorable and I will really miss. He still says opay instead of okay too and he calls Gracie Acie. I will really miss it when he outgrows that. He plays with Gracie sooooo well, he takes her direction and they will sometimes play together for over an hour without any intervention from me. I love those times, like right now. They have been happily playing for almost 2 hours now, it's so nice!! Ian loves Buzz Lightyear and swords and superheros, he's always pretending to be some sort of something. It's so cute to see the imagination in action.

We have gone TV free in our house. I have been wanting to do that basically since Gracie was born but we never dove in. Well this last weekend we put the TV and TV cabinet up for sale and got it out of the living room. It still hasn't sold, it's posted on Craigslist and hopefully will be out of here soon. We still have a TV in our bedroom for the kids to watch the occasional video but the days of daily TV programing are over. There was a lot that went into the decision but mainly it was just becoming an obsession with Gracie, she would watch TV all day if I would let her. The commercialism was getting insane with her wanting every single thing she sees and quoting commercials for Yoplait yogurt......... That and the drama. Gracie has picked up more drama than she needs and has uttered things that I know were because she had seen that spoken on a show. So it was time. Actually it was beyond time, but we finally bit the bullet and did it. I'm glad we did, I know we will all be better for it!

Well, of course now the kids are done playing and need me so I gotta run!


samantha said...

i completely understand about the obsession with the TV---Chase is like that too---I recently put a ban on it and they are only allowed a certain show per day etc.. But they do get sneaky like when I'm on the phone and they turn it on--anyway, I'm thinking getting rid of ours is not a bad idea....We shall see!! Good luck!

felicia said...

When he was tiny, my baby brother called me "Wow". Nobody knew where he got that from, but that was his name for me. I still sign all letters & cards to him from Wow.