Friday, August 08, 2008

James had a birthday (and other random information)

James turned 32 yesterday. We made a day of it, spending most of our time at Elitch Gardens in Denver. The kids had never been there and they earned free tickets there with the library reading program, so we thought it would be a good time to go. We had a blast. Both kids loved every ride they went on, no fear at all. It was awesome. Ian was just barely tall enough to do all the kiddie rides thank goodness, he would have been so sad if he was too short!

We stayed there til 4 after hitting the water park as well. We went home and took a little rest (Ian fell asleep on the way home of course) and then we went to Claim Jumper for a yummy steak dinner. After dinner we returned home for cake and then it was bedtime. I think we had a great day. James got a couple new shirts from Ian, a new DVD/CD player for the living room from Gracie, and I got him tickets to an event we've wanted to go for a couple years and have never made it to. I promise to not forget and schedule a trip somewhere for this one!

I hurt my ankle on Wednesday. Again. I haven't gone to the doctor for it this time because I know from experience there is little they can do. I still have an aircast from the last time and I have used it a little for support when I have needed it but mostly I'm just walking around and being careful. It is sore but not unbearable. I figure if it gets worse I will go have it looked at but they'll probably just tell me to wear the cast.I hate having such issues with my ankles.

We got new living room furniture last Sunday. Brand spankin' new. First new furniture like that either James or I have owned. I love it. We got two bookcases and a love seat and a couch. The chairs are brown leather and the book cases are black with brown trim. Now I just need to paint and our entire house will be decked out. It's only taken 3 years!!! I still have a few projects up my sleeve though. I'd like to redo the kids closets with proper storage stuff so they can reach their toys and things better. I'd also LOVE to put a loft bed in Gracie's room to give her more floor space. I would like to put a loft bed in Ian's room also but I don't think he would be safe enough with one yet. Maybe in another year. And of course I'd love to finish the banister work we wanted to do this spring. It's a big expensive project though which is why we put it off. It's going to be messy too. I'm not sure if we will ever get to it but it sure would make things look nice.

Brinzey the foster dog went to a new home last night and with that I may be closing our chapter on foster dog care. It is a lot of work, and unfortunately a fair amount of stress on everyone here. Maggie gets very nervous with a new dog in the house and the cats do too, especially Singa. She also got attacked by Brinzey a couple days ago. It was innocent, it was an attack of play not of aggression, but Singa got hurt and was miserable for a couple days. She's ok now but I'm not sure I want to risk anything like that again. Plus with the new furniture.....well, I know that sounds totally selfish but I don't want some dog chewing my chairs up! We may just stick to senior dogs, since they are low maintenance. I'm still thinking on it.

Ian is talking so much now. It's amazing when I think of how he was talking just 6 months ago. In fact at his birthday he honestly had just a handful of words. He talks non-stop now. He loves to tell jokes, he will do the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke over and over and over again. We're trying to teach him alternate endings to mix it up a bit! He is very polite, he says peas, tank tou, and sowy whenever appropriate. He loves all things Buzz Lightyear and superhero right now. It's just such a sweet cute stage. Oh how I love my little boy!

Gracie is living in a world of imagination. Her mind has just opened up to all the possibilities and she loves to act it all out. She loves to play husband and wife (with Ian) most of all but she also adds other things in. On Monday we went to a home school park date and she and a group of about 6 other kids spent a good hour running around in a small patch of woods playing knights. She informed me she was the knight in shining armour. So cute!!! She's also learning about being sensitive to others and how to see the bigger picture. It's something we talk about a lot, how her actions affect everyone. It's a process, she's only 4. But she's trying. She has a very sensitive side to her and I am trying to help her use it. She's a wonderful and very cool little girl!

Being TV free is going great. I was very impressed that it actually didn't take much of an adjustment and already the kids don't ask for it very much. They are playing together a lot now and finding new things to do. I'm also encouraging helping out around the house and getting them involved in whatever I'm doing as much as I can. Gracie has started doing some educational games on the computer as well as working more in her workbooks. We are also reading more. I joined Children's Book of the Month club and I am really trying to grow our children's library. James and I were both huge readers as kids and I hope our kids will be the same so I have to provide them with good stuff!

We have a busy weekend planned with the local county fair and the local Highlands Festival. I'll try to get some pictures up somewhere once it's all over.

Have a great weekend!

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