Friday, August 01, 2008

Yep, he's a goofball!

Yesterday I took the kids to the fountain at the mall to run around, it's been sooooooo hot here!!

(Not that I'm complaining, after our week in Chicago I'll take 95 degrees of dry heat to 85 degrees with humidity any day. Seriously. I never remember how bad humidity is until I am there and then I realize that I have a deep dark hatred for heat combined with humidity. It makes me very unhappy. And it totally makes my hair rebel. Not a good thing. At. All.)

Anyway..... the kids found some older boys to follow around and play with. Ian was especially taken with them as he is with all older boys. And then I saw him do something that made me totally laugh out loud.

He was trying to get their attention and approval and he was being really silly. So he pulled up his swim trunks as high as he could, like above his belly button, and then he made this totally funny face rolling his eyes around and he started waving his hands and dancing.

It may have been the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. He was totally doing a stupid guy thing, trying to be cool by being goofy. At 2 and a half he already has a huge propensity for humor. Now I know why my brother always got off when he got in trouble, because he use to do the same darn thing, act goofy as anything and distract whoever he had ticked off. It works too, Ian will do something he shouldn't and I react to him and you know what, he resorts to humor most of the time. And I give in most of the time because it's so darn cute.

Ian is gonna be like his uncle. Oh my!!

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