Saturday, September 20, 2008

A job that pays

I have been gainfully employed for a couple weeks now. I have been doing birthday parties and events for the Fun Bus. Believe it or not I am training to learn how to DRIVE the bus tomorrow. Yes, I am going to drive the big green party bus. You have been forewarned.

It hasn't been enough hours though, only 2-3 a weekend actually, so I am adding in a second weekend job. I will be working for Guest Services at Invesco Field for the remaining home Broncos games. Doesn't that sound cool? I'm pretty excited. I've never even been to a Broncos game and now I get to go to 6 this year!!! And they will pay me to be there. Score!!!!! Of course, I might not be so excited in December when it's butt cold out and I still have to do my job but I'm trying to not think too far ahead.

Yay for making money!

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