Tuesday, September 30, 2008

List of restaurants and stores within 5 miles of our house that have closed.

This is the most staggering show of how the economy is doing a nose-dive in our area. It's quite amazing, I have been shocked at the number of businesses closing down. Not just little local places either. National chains have closed stores in our area. It's just so weird.

Black Eyed Pea
Village Inn
Pasta Bella (less than a year old)
Lighthouse Cafe (less than 6 months old)
Brother's BBQ (a little over a year old)
Big D's BBQ (less than a year old)
La Shish (only like 3 months old)
Linen's & Things
Gift shop on Main Street
First Tier Bank (about a year old)
House That Brews (less than a year old)

Even more amazing than the amount of businesses that have closed is how our Town is handling it. THEY JUST KEEP BUILDING!!!!!

There are oodles of empty store fronts right now, it's insane. There's half of the old Target, an entire former grocery store and numerous strip malls with empty stores. Off-hand I can think of 3 brand new strip malls, one of which has been finished for an entire year and hasn't had one tenant. It's insane!! There are multiple others going up.

Parker is really a fairly small town. The population is approx. 47,000. The majority of people who live here are commuters, most jobs available within the town are retail sales, there is very little professional opportunity here. This is essentially a bedroom community. We are very close to many large shopping areas. I do not know what the town is thinking by allowing so much expansion of retail and restaurants when it is clear that the town is not supporting these businesses. It's sad to drive around town and see so many places gone or never occupied to begin with.

To be fair, we did just get a Cosco. (Which is never busy, it's amazing!! I've been to a few different Cosco's and this one is totally dead compared to others.) Sadly they build their own new monstrosity of a building though, instead of using one of the few large vacant buildings. And the old Albertson's has a Sprout's moving in. A couple of the small restaurants have been filled with new ones, but all the chain buildings are sitting empty. I'll be interested to see how the new small resturants do, most of them seem to be failing in less than a year.

Does it look like this everywhere in the country? It's obvious when you drive through my area that the economy is in the crapper. Is it like this where you live too? I'm wondering if Parker is just doing a lousy job of handling growth or if it's businesses across the country that are dying.

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