Thursday, October 30, 2008

Overheard in our kitchen

Me: I bought some Ghirardelli chips today at Costco.

James: Oooooooo. I love you. You're so sexy.

Oh yeah, do I know the way to my mans stomach or what!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's up?

Not much really!

The kids have colds that started up on Sunday and are starting to get a little better now. It's mostly a cough with a slightly runny nose. Not much worth worrying about thank goodness!

We still haven't carved our pumpkins. I think tonight will be the night. I need to bake the pumpkin seeds too, that's one of my favorite parts of carving pumpkins!

I think I am completely done with diapers. Ian has not worn one to bed for over a week now. Of course he did wet this morning but that is partly due to the fact that when James goes in to him in the mornings he doesn't always remember to take Ian immediately to the potty. Do not pass go, do not collect $100, just go to the potty!!! If anyone is interested I have 6 Fuzzi Bunz size medium in very good condition, multiple darker colors (blues, greens, red). I have inserts too, probably 10 or so. The last baby thing to go. It's kinda sad actually.

I am a Costco addict. It's serious. It has taken me 3 paychecks to get our pantry bursting at the seams and I am so glad I've done it. My goal was to build from the bottom up, first the staples and non-perishables, then stuff we eat weekly and finally add in the frozen section. Today I bought some frozen stuff which I think will really help us save money. We LOVE to eat out, it's a budget buster on an almost monthly basis. So I decided to buy us some stuff that we like to eat like pizza, orange chicken, chicken nuggets, etc..... and keep that as something easy to make when we get the urge to eat out. I don't want to live on processed foods but the truth is that's what we're eating when we go out so I mine as well keep a few in the freezer and save the pennies. I always have the best intentions to make every meal from scratch. Unfortunately I'm just not that organized or motivated. Anyway........ I haven't even hit the regular part of Costco yet, just the food. I need to go in there and explore the rest of the store some day, they have toys for Christmas out and a whole 'nother side to the store that needs exploring. I never have time to just wander around in there but I am determined to some time soon!

I'm loving having the Sprouts down the street, I've been in there like twice a week and it was so nice to have it there when I needed homeopatics for the kids colds the other day. A million times nicer than having to go to the other health food store way across town.

Gas is $2.33. Never thought I would be happy about that. Gas was less than a $1 a gallon when I moved out here almost 10 years ago. Nuts!!!

Well, that's all around here. I will post pictures once we carve the pumpkins. Ta-ta!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!!

No chicken pox ever showed up. Both kids had a couple days of low fevers but absolutely no other symptoms. I am super curious now to take them for a blood titer to see if they are actually immune but I don't think it's worth the stress of having blood drawn so I won't. I wish there was another way to know if they actually gained immunity but I think they only way I will know is if they get exposed again and don't get it! How awesome would it be if they are immune without having any of the crappy itching and all that?? It's pretty unlikely but I can hope!

Obama Rally (Alternate title: Tickets? We don't need no stinkin' tickets!)

So.......we went to Ft. Collins to see Obama speak yesterday. It was pretty awesome and pretty disappointing all at the same time.

We left home at 9am and drove to Joe and Jen's house to meet up with them and Tom, then we carpooled over to the CSU campus, James alma mater. It was pretty chilly and cloudy when we got there but it was suppose to warm up so we kept our fingers crossed. I think we got there about 10:30.

Joe had secured some VIP tickets so we jumped into the regular line since it was right in front of us and then Joe and Tom went looking for the VIP line to make sure such a thing actually existed. They came back a little while later and told us they found it and it was wayyyyy shorter. So we all left our place in line and headed over there.

The rally was suppose to start at 3:30 and at about 2:00 they started letting people in. People from the other line, the one we were in but left for the shorter VIP line. You can see where this is going, can't you........

So we waited and waited and waited. And ate lunch. And the kids plalyed in the leaves. And the kids played with Tom (he makes an excellent child play structure) and we watched the other line start moving. And we watched it keep moving. For like and hour. And we told our selves "Well, they must be filling in the regular line from the side or something. Surely they are keeping a section in the front open for those 2,000 of us who were lucky enough to secure these cute little blue pieces of paper. Surely we will be up front, that's what we were told."

So we stood patiently. I think we were probably somewhere between 700-800 in the VIP line. At an event where they expect something like 30,000 people that's really not a bad place to be.

So finally our line started moving. It was moving so stinking slow. Then I had a wonderful episode of Hypoglycemia. That was fun. I've never had something like that happen so dramatically before. My right arm was numb and tingly and I lost some coherance when I was speaking. Totally freaked me out. I was saved by some tick tacks that Joe and Jen had. Now I gotta figure out how to not have that happen again.

Anyway......we got about 10 feet from the security thing and they stopped everyone. All the gates were stopped. One thing we could see was that the VIP line had exactly one metal detector where the regular line had like 8. The other thing we could see is that they were filtering us all in with the regular line once we got past security. Nice. No special view for us. *sigh* VIP ended up meaning nothing.

This is where it got interesting. All the sudden the cops who were running everything said everyone could go. Just go in. Fast. They turned all the metal detectors and just told everyone to hurry on in. It was weird and it made me feel kind of freaked out. I was shocked they were letting everyone bypass security. Some people started just running through the gates and down the hill. It made me pretty nervous.

Once we were settled in our place for about 10 minutes (if even) they announced Obama!!! That was a shock. The venue was not even full of people yet. Apparently he got there on time and couldn't be delayed, that's why they just let everyone in. Unfortunately our place was totally crappy. We were really far back. Poor Gracie, who the night before was so freaking excited to see Obama couldn't see him at all. She broke down in tears, it was very very sad and I felt like the crappiest parent ever, talking it all up and then having her see absolutely nothing. James could kinda see, and I got a glimpse between a couple people while on tippy toe, but really it was pretty much nothing. We listed as best we could but with Gracie crying, Ian fussing (he wanted to nap so bad) and everyone around us trying to take pictures and see it was pretty nuts.

Tom had a good view since he's so tall so he took a ton of pictures. I put the best ones here.

All in all it was a good day really. The kids had fun playing, we adults had fun talking, and once the sun came out the weather was really nice. I wish the campus had understood the ticket thing better and had done a better job of getting people put inside, but what's done is done.

Oh yeah.....I almost forgot. Joe ran into a woman that was very near us in the first line we were in and she said she was 25 feet from Obama. Yep. Should have stayed in the first line..........

Me and Gracie in the first line, right after we got there.

Joe and Jacob
Me and Ian
Checking NFL scores while in line. Guys gotta have their priorities you know!
The gang of us. Minus me!
Where we were standing once inside the Oval without any zooming. Obama spoke way up there, under the bleachers and down to the left of the blue CHANGE sign you can barely see. This picture was taken with me holding the camera up over my head as high as possible. (Sidenote: Aren't the leaves beautiful!!)
Um, no explination needed.
The man himself!
And again!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just too many.

I found a cat today. I need it to find a new place to stay today. I hate finding stray animals, I always feel like it's my job to take care of them. I don't want to take it to the shelter but I might have to. Adult cats have a 60% chance of being put down in a shelter, that's why I don't want to take him there.

We are getting a rescue dog tonight. This is the major reason the cat must go today. I feel conflicted. Too many unwanted cats and dogs.

Public Service Announcement:


Ok, that was my rant for the day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Escape Artist

My dear sweet little Ian, he will be the death of me!!

Yesterday afternoon James decided to leave for a haircut after we put Ian down for his nap. Gracie was on the computer in our room and I was in there with her on the laptop. We shut the door so we could talk and not wake Ian up.

About an hour later I heard someone knocking at our front door. At first I ignored it hoping they would just go away. They kept knocking. Then I decided I better get up and go see who it was before they rang the door bell and woke Ian up. I ran downstairs, opened the door and there stood Ian.

My heart completely fell to my feet.

I scooped him up and took him inside, then noticing he had on socks and his crocks and a shirt, but no under ware or pants!!!

Apparently he woke up, went to the bathroom, shut his bedroom door again and went downstairs to find his skateboard. I never heard him. He said he stayed on the porch so I am hoping that is true. We had a talk about going outside without asking mommy and how that is very dangerous. I decided it was better to tell him someone might take him away than to just hope he wouldn't do it again. He got very serious about that and told me he would miss me and he would scream. I told him to just stay in the house and he won't have to worry about it. He agreed, but later that day just headed right out the door without asking.

We bought new deadbolts, the kind that require a key even on the inside. I know that's not super safe either, but I think the chances of a house fire are much less than the chances he might open the door by himself again, so I'll error on that side for awhile. We can switch them back once I know for sure he understands to not wander off.

Gracie never did this kind of thing with the door. She still is very cautious to stay with me and not get lost when we go anywhere. I guess it's just one more difference between a boy and a girl!!

Pumpkin festivals!

Click here to see pictures!!!

That's the link on for the pictures. You can click on each picture to see them larger.

We went to two different festivals. On Saturday we went to one south of us. We were hopeful it would be nice because we haven't been able to find a nice outdoor festival near out house yet. Unfortunately we were really disappointed with this one. It was very very busy and wasn't really at all what it was advertised. First of all it wasn't a pumpkin patch, the pumpkins were all in boxes!! I have never been to a pumpkin patch or festival where they weren't at the very least all spread around on the ground to pick out. All we could do was laugh because it was so weird! The petting "zoo" had 4 goats in it. There was a tractor ride that Ian really wanted to do and we waited in line about 4 times as long as the ride was, they took us about half a block down a dirt path, turned around, and took us back on the same path. There was a straw bale maze that was exactly one bale high. Not much of a challenge, most of the kids were just hopping around from wall to wall. All in all it was a pretty pathetic little festival. Luckily the kids had no idea and were happy as clams. James and I just kept laughing about how we could have done this in our own back yard!

The best part about that festival was the straw bale slide. That was a huge hit!!! Gracie loved it and after only one ride down with me she wanted to ride alone. She did that a couple times and then she took Ian down a few times. I took lots of pictures of that, it was hilarious and very cute!

Sunday we went to the festival down the street. We went there last year too and the kids really liked it. They had the local train club there with a few trains running, Ian absolutely loved that, there was a Thomas train that was his favorite! They also had a jumpy castle obstacle course thing, and a haunted house and a real petting zoo and pumpkin decorating. We did it all and had a great time.

Now all that's left is carving the pumpkins. I'm not sure if we'll wait for next weekend or not!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 15

Still no spots. I'm getting a little irritated at this chicken pox disease, isn't it suppose to be highly contagious?? Urgh!

It was 80 degrees out today and I am sunburned. It feels so good!!!!!

We did a pumpkin patch today but it was very lame so we are doing another one tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I have them all together.

Good Night!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 14

No spots yet. I soooooo want this over with. My friend who exposed us just had her other two kids show up with it but unfortunately they are all out of town so we cannot expose again (although we did run into her at the grocery store 2 days ago, so maybe that helped).

I sure hope they break out, I have a bunch of people who want to expose their kids if we get it.

Other news:

We are getting part of an antelope from some friends, we just have to pay for the processing which will be uber cheap. I am very excited. We are also hopefully purchasing 1/4 grassfed steer, we just have to find a couple others to buy the other shares. We will have meat galore!!!

We just had both a Sprouts Farmers Market and a Sunflower Farmers Market open this week in our area, one is about a mile away the other is about two miles away. I got all natural chicken at Sprouts this morning for $1.77 a pound!! I am going to love grocery shopping now and I will be able to give up my angst about not having a Trader Joes nearby (except for the 2 buck chuck, we will never have that I'm afraid). Between these two places and Costco I should be set on everything from homeopathics to toilet paper. Yay!!!!

We have vacation in the Mountians in just over a month. I cannot wait for a week of family time and hopefully some skiing.

The weather has been gorgeous, 70 for the last two days with warm sunshine. Oh how I love Colorado for it's cold weather seasons. I love the cool sunshiney days. I can even take the freezing cold of winter as long as the sun is shining, which it usually is!

My mother-in-law has been here for a few hours to play with the kids. It's nice to have a little time to breathe and I actually have dinner all ready! Score!!

I only have to work about 5 hours tomorrow and nothing on Sunday! Score again!!

I found a fall festival that's on our end of town so we are going tomorrow. Pictures will be coming, I promise.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pox watch, day 13

We seem to have a pretty grumpy 4 year old with a low grade fever. Perhaps we will see spots this weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What's up with us.

So much has been going on, guess I'll do a little update here.

First off, no signs of pox yet. Darn.

The kids and I had dentist appointments this morning and we all checked out ok. Well, Ian wouldn't open his mouth for the dentist but since Gracie's teeth are so good the dentist assumed his were too! We have a new dentist because out old one refused to see us without x-rays. They also informed us that no one would because of liability. Funny, the first doctor I called on our insurance list said we could do whatever we wanted as long as we understood what the procedure was and signed a statement saying we understood what we were advised. Oh how I love being treated with respect and having a choice when it comes to what I want to do with my body. Honestly!! This guy wasn't part of a practice though. I have found that independant doctors, no matter what their speciality, are always more willing to work with "alternative" ideas. Practices usually have rules and regulations that they make you follow and if you don't you get the boot. As usual I have researched x-rays and the benefit of having them and have decided that using them when there is reason to believe there is an issue going on can be very helpful but taking x-rays as a routine without cause is pretty unnecessary. I don't really do unnecessary medical things and I like to be treated with respect for my research and conclusions. It's not really informed consent if they won't let you have a choice now, is it? Luckily he didn't mention Flouride treatments because then I would have had to explain my conclusions on that as well!! Anyway, it was all good, he was a very nice man with a very cozy office and we were all happy.

Ian has a new hobby, he has taken up skateboarding. Yes, skateboarding. It has me totally freaked out, I'm seeing visions of broken wrists and head injuries, but I'm trying to deal! All the neighborhood boys do skateboarding and are always practicing their tricks out in the street by our house. Ian has been hugely impressed with their skills and wants to do it too. He was content to just watch until one of the boys let him use his mini board a couple times. Then he started asking for his own. Last week we were at good will and low and behold there was a mini board for $1.99. There was no leaving the store without it, Ian was hugging it like it was his baby!! He's been doing stuff on it now, mostly in the grass and in the house on the carpet, and it's been really good practice for his balance and coordination. I have to find him a good helmet before I give him an all clear to do it on the sidewalk all the time. I'm sure we'll be seeing an ER at somepoint but I can only protect him so much. He really wants to do it so he is!

Not to be outdone Gracie also has a new hobby. We found a little girls bike in our dumpster a few months ago and we finally got some training wheels for it. She's been riding her little training bike for a year and a half and she decided she's ready for the big kid pedal bike. We got the training wheels on it this weekend and she's been practicing ever since (except for about 12 hours because one of the wheels fell off mid-ride and needed a small repair that required a run to Lowes). I'm pretty sure that by her 5th birthday she'll be on a two wheeler without any help. I actually had tears in my eyes watching her this morning, she looks just so huge riding a big girl bike down the sidewalk. How did the time pass so fast??

Work for James and I is going well, we are figuring out our new schedule with me working weekends and the kids are adjusting, they did a ton better this weekend thank goodness. James is passing his current class with all A's so far, I think he only has 1 or 2 weeks left. So far he's finished every class with an A. I'm so proud of him!!

We are getting a new foster dog this week. Another senior Golden Retriever. She's 8 years old and very cute. I'll have to take some pictures once she arrives and I get her all cleaned up if she needs it. Apparently senior Goldens are in high demand right now so she probably won't stay for more than a week or two. Hopefully I won't fall so hard for her like I did Kirby. Knowing a match will probably happen fast will help with that! We had a puppy black lab for two weeks and I realized, once again, that puppies are a total pain and I just don't like fostering them. He was sweet and all but with no yard and a puppy who is potty training it's just too hard.

And as a final note, I have to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our beloved Auntie April. Troy proposed last Saturday and she said yes so I finally won't be the only outsider in the Burson clan, Troy and I can band together in suffering now. (I'm kidding, totally kidding! All my in-laws are great people. I hear horror stories and realize how lucky I am, seriously!) Anyway, I'm so happy April has found a great guy and happy the kids are gaining a great Uncle. High fives all around!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pox Watch, day 7

No signs of anything yet. The manifestation of chicken pox occurs anywhere from 7-21 days after exposure meaning we have two whole weeks before the spots could show up. It's quite possible the kids will have pox on Halloween which is kind of a bummer but we'll make it fun somehow anyway! Gracie seemed a little warm yesterday morning but that disappeared before lunch and she's seemed fine since. She's the one I am assuming will show up with it out of both of them, she was exposed and shared lollipops and drinks a lot more than Ian did. I figure getting the two of them to share stuff here at home will be easy, so if she shows up with it hopefully he will catch it from her.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I like working.

There. I said it. I really like my new jobs.

I drove the bus on Saturday and I had a great time. There were two parties with a few hours in between so I was able to bring the bus home. Some of our friends came over and the kids all played in there for about an hour. They had a great time. The parties went well, I didn't hit any curbs (or worse) and as an added bonus I got the bus parked back at storage in one try. It's a dock parking situation which means I have to back into our space which has very nice motor homes on either side. Last time it took me 4 tries to get it righ.

Sunday I worked the Broncos game. Let me just tell you, it is one long day. I have to be there by 10am. I had to take the light rail though because parking down there is not going to be any faster, especially for the drive home, the interstate and all the side streets were a huge mess. Besides the employees have to park at Coors Field and take a shuttle over. Coors Field is north of Invesco so I would really end up in terrible traffic on the way home since I live south and would have to go through everyone else trying to get home. The light rail worked well, but it takes an hour each way. I left home about 8:10 yesterday morning and got home at 7. That might not be a lot for some but for me, who has only recently reentered the job force....oy!! I was so beat by the time I got home. I also had a headache which started a little after half-time and kept getting worse. I honestly thought I was going to throw up on the train and driving home from the station made me feel nauseous. I called James to tell him I felt like crap and as much as I wanted to see them all I was going to first have to take some ibuprophen and sit in a hot shower. Luckily that did the trick and I felt much better and I was actually hungry after that. We watched extreme home make over together while I ate and the kids told me about their day. They had a very good day, James kept them busy and they all had fun.

I really like both my jobs. They are fun, the people I work with are great and they each focus on areas I am good at. Dealing with the general public, working with kids, and talking. I am not one bit shy and both jobs require being very outgoing and making sure the customer is happy. That I can do. Oh, and I can also drive a bus. Who knew?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Can I have guilt and exhaustion with a side order of freakishly busy?

Oh my gosh.

I am so tired. This weekend I will be away the equivalent of two full work days. This is a change for all of us.

I feel guilty. Gracie went on a full on rant this evening about how much she misses me and how she wants me to stay home every day like when she was a baby. She told me she hates being 4 because it's just too hard and she loves me and I should not go work at the football game tomorrow. I will be gone for 9 hours. She is freaking out.

I feel so busy. There is no time. We have been running and running and running. Rec center class, music class, swimming lessons, play dates, home school group, errands, groceries, etc, etc, etc....... Weekends use to be our fun and relax time with daddy. Now they have to stay home with daddy who, if you recall, is in the middle of his MBA and always has something to write or read. Always.

We are trying to adjust but it's hard. I need to just chill and stop playing monday morning quarterback when I get home and James tells me how it went. The kids need to chill and realize that daddy is fun. James needs to get his homework done by Friday night so that he doesn't have to feel the pressure of school when the kids desperately need him while we adjust to this change.

It's hard. I hope it gets better because as much as I really like my job it's just not worth it if our home life goes to heck.

Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm in the Club!

I had my training down at Invesco Field on Wednesday night for the game this Sunday. My assigned area is Club Level West. I am so excited that is where I will be working!! Downside is I really won't get to see the game live but the upside is I won't freeze my butt off once it gets cold around here!! We got a tour on Wednesday and I was sooooo hoping I would be on the club level, it is just beautiful.

Pox watch 2008. May this be the year of the chicken.

Last night I was contacted by a local mom who has a pox upon her house. She has 3 kids, a set of 7 year old twins and a 1 1/2 year old. She has exposed her kids to chicken pox 3 times and finally, after the 3rd exposure 2 weeks ago, one of them has spots. She broke out on Tuesday morning. Hopefully the other two are incubating and will have spots soon as well. She invited us over to play and expose my kids. We shared drinks and lollipops and if the force is with us we will see spots on at least one of them within 21 days.

I realize that purposeful exposure might seem like a strange idea, but it makes sense for us. We don't vaccinate (many reasons for that, search my archives if you want to read further), so immunity that way isn't an option. We could just take the wait and see approach, but that could take years. It's easier in every way for kids to get chicken pox when they are young because it's usually more mild, less complications, less side-effects. Of course there are exceptions to that but I'm speaking in generalizations. I'd like to get it over as soon as possible. Historically purposeful exposure has been used as a way to be prepared for illness. Chicken pox is very methodical, it has the same pattern pretty much every time, so it's easy to expose and then be ready. Kind of nice actually. And natural exposure usually gives life-time immunity. There is the rare person that gets it twice but that is definitely not how it goes for the average person. Also if you contract chicken pox naturally you have less of a chance of developing shingles later. Again, this is not a hard and fast rule but generally this is the case.

All those reasons, along with avoiding the ingredients of vaccines and the uncontrollable side-effects of those vaccines, makes purposeful exposure the best way for my family to help keep our kids healthy and happy.

So, here's crossing my fingers for spots!!