Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 14

No spots yet. I soooooo want this over with. My friend who exposed us just had her other two kids show up with it but unfortunately they are all out of town so we cannot expose again (although we did run into her at the grocery store 2 days ago, so maybe that helped).

I sure hope they break out, I have a bunch of people who want to expose their kids if we get it.

Other news:

We are getting part of an antelope from some friends, we just have to pay for the processing which will be uber cheap. I am very excited. We are also hopefully purchasing 1/4 grassfed steer, we just have to find a couple others to buy the other shares. We will have meat galore!!!

We just had both a Sprouts Farmers Market and a Sunflower Farmers Market open this week in our area, one is about a mile away the other is about two miles away. I got all natural chicken at Sprouts this morning for $1.77 a pound!! I am going to love grocery shopping now and I will be able to give up my angst about not having a Trader Joes nearby (except for the 2 buck chuck, we will never have that I'm afraid). Between these two places and Costco I should be set on everything from homeopathics to toilet paper. Yay!!!!

We have vacation in the Mountians in just over a month. I cannot wait for a week of family time and hopefully some skiing.

The weather has been gorgeous, 70 for the last two days with warm sunshine. Oh how I love Colorado for it's cold weather seasons. I love the cool sunshiney days. I can even take the freezing cold of winter as long as the sun is shining, which it usually is!

My mother-in-law has been here for a few hours to play with the kids. It's nice to have a little time to breathe and I actually have dinner all ready! Score!!

I only have to work about 5 hours tomorrow and nothing on Sunday! Score again!!

I found a fall festival that's on our end of town so we are going tomorrow. Pictures will be coming, I promise.

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