Monday, October 20, 2008

Escape Artist

My dear sweet little Ian, he will be the death of me!!

Yesterday afternoon James decided to leave for a haircut after we put Ian down for his nap. Gracie was on the computer in our room and I was in there with her on the laptop. We shut the door so we could talk and not wake Ian up.

About an hour later I heard someone knocking at our front door. At first I ignored it hoping they would just go away. They kept knocking. Then I decided I better get up and go see who it was before they rang the door bell and woke Ian up. I ran downstairs, opened the door and there stood Ian.

My heart completely fell to my feet.

I scooped him up and took him inside, then noticing he had on socks and his crocks and a shirt, but no under ware or pants!!!

Apparently he woke up, went to the bathroom, shut his bedroom door again and went downstairs to find his skateboard. I never heard him. He said he stayed on the porch so I am hoping that is true. We had a talk about going outside without asking mommy and how that is very dangerous. I decided it was better to tell him someone might take him away than to just hope he wouldn't do it again. He got very serious about that and told me he would miss me and he would scream. I told him to just stay in the house and he won't have to worry about it. He agreed, but later that day just headed right out the door without asking.

We bought new deadbolts, the kind that require a key even on the inside. I know that's not super safe either, but I think the chances of a house fire are much less than the chances he might open the door by himself again, so I'll error on that side for awhile. We can switch them back once I know for sure he understands to not wander off.

Gracie never did this kind of thing with the door. She still is very cautious to stay with me and not get lost when we go anywhere. I guess it's just one more difference between a boy and a girl!!


Coupon Chris said...

Justin was like that as a toddler. He would get up at like 7 am and leave the house before everyone woke up. He would get far too. Like 6 or 7 blocks which is a lot for a 2 yr old.

Seriously, his mom has stories that made be start deadbolting the door as soon as Andrew could walk.

resa said...

eeeek! we have double deadbolts, and keep the key either IN the lock, or hanging high on a hook next to the door. that way the "wanderer" can't get it, but an adult can, in case of fire.