Monday, October 06, 2008

I like working.

There. I said it. I really like my new jobs.

I drove the bus on Saturday and I had a great time. There were two parties with a few hours in between so I was able to bring the bus home. Some of our friends came over and the kids all played in there for about an hour. They had a great time. The parties went well, I didn't hit any curbs (or worse) and as an added bonus I got the bus parked back at storage in one try. It's a dock parking situation which means I have to back into our space which has very nice motor homes on either side. Last time it took me 4 tries to get it righ.

Sunday I worked the Broncos game. Let me just tell you, it is one long day. I have to be there by 10am. I had to take the light rail though because parking down there is not going to be any faster, especially for the drive home, the interstate and all the side streets were a huge mess. Besides the employees have to park at Coors Field and take a shuttle over. Coors Field is north of Invesco so I would really end up in terrible traffic on the way home since I live south and would have to go through everyone else trying to get home. The light rail worked well, but it takes an hour each way. I left home about 8:10 yesterday morning and got home at 7. That might not be a lot for some but for me, who has only recently reentered the job force....oy!! I was so beat by the time I got home. I also had a headache which started a little after half-time and kept getting worse. I honestly thought I was going to throw up on the train and driving home from the station made me feel nauseous. I called James to tell him I felt like crap and as much as I wanted to see them all I was going to first have to take some ibuprophen and sit in a hot shower. Luckily that did the trick and I felt much better and I was actually hungry after that. We watched extreme home make over together while I ate and the kids told me about their day. They had a very good day, James kept them busy and they all had fun.

I really like both my jobs. They are fun, the people I work with are great and they each focus on areas I am good at. Dealing with the general public, working with kids, and talking. I am not one bit shy and both jobs require being very outgoing and making sure the customer is happy. That I can do. Oh, and I can also drive a bus. Who knew?

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