Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Rally (Alternate title: Tickets? We don't need no stinkin' tickets!)

So.......we went to Ft. Collins to see Obama speak yesterday. It was pretty awesome and pretty disappointing all at the same time.

We left home at 9am and drove to Joe and Jen's house to meet up with them and Tom, then we carpooled over to the CSU campus, James alma mater. It was pretty chilly and cloudy when we got there but it was suppose to warm up so we kept our fingers crossed. I think we got there about 10:30.

Joe had secured some VIP tickets so we jumped into the regular line since it was right in front of us and then Joe and Tom went looking for the VIP line to make sure such a thing actually existed. They came back a little while later and told us they found it and it was wayyyyy shorter. So we all left our place in line and headed over there.

The rally was suppose to start at 3:30 and at about 2:00 they started letting people in. People from the other line, the one we were in but left for the shorter VIP line. You can see where this is going, can't you........

So we waited and waited and waited. And ate lunch. And the kids plalyed in the leaves. And the kids played with Tom (he makes an excellent child play structure) and we watched the other line start moving. And we watched it keep moving. For like and hour. And we told our selves "Well, they must be filling in the regular line from the side or something. Surely they are keeping a section in the front open for those 2,000 of us who were lucky enough to secure these cute little blue pieces of paper. Surely we will be up front, that's what we were told."

So we stood patiently. I think we were probably somewhere between 700-800 in the VIP line. At an event where they expect something like 30,000 people that's really not a bad place to be.

So finally our line started moving. It was moving so stinking slow. Then I had a wonderful episode of Hypoglycemia. That was fun. I've never had something like that happen so dramatically before. My right arm was numb and tingly and I lost some coherance when I was speaking. Totally freaked me out. I was saved by some tick tacks that Joe and Jen had. Now I gotta figure out how to not have that happen again.

Anyway......we got about 10 feet from the security thing and they stopped everyone. All the gates were stopped. One thing we could see was that the VIP line had exactly one metal detector where the regular line had like 8. The other thing we could see is that they were filtering us all in with the regular line once we got past security. Nice. No special view for us. *sigh* VIP ended up meaning nothing.

This is where it got interesting. All the sudden the cops who were running everything said everyone could go. Just go in. Fast. They turned all the metal detectors and just told everyone to hurry on in. It was weird and it made me feel kind of freaked out. I was shocked they were letting everyone bypass security. Some people started just running through the gates and down the hill. It made me pretty nervous.

Once we were settled in our place for about 10 minutes (if even) they announced Obama!!! That was a shock. The venue was not even full of people yet. Apparently he got there on time and couldn't be delayed, that's why they just let everyone in. Unfortunately our place was totally crappy. We were really far back. Poor Gracie, who the night before was so freaking excited to see Obama couldn't see him at all. She broke down in tears, it was very very sad and I felt like the crappiest parent ever, talking it all up and then having her see absolutely nothing. James could kinda see, and I got a glimpse between a couple people while on tippy toe, but really it was pretty much nothing. We listed as best we could but with Gracie crying, Ian fussing (he wanted to nap so bad) and everyone around us trying to take pictures and see it was pretty nuts.

Tom had a good view since he's so tall so he took a ton of pictures. I put the best ones here.

All in all it was a good day really. The kids had fun playing, we adults had fun talking, and once the sun came out the weather was really nice. I wish the campus had understood the ticket thing better and had done a better job of getting people put inside, but what's done is done.

Oh yeah.....I almost forgot. Joe ran into a woman that was very near us in the first line we were in and she said she was 25 feet from Obama. Yep. Should have stayed in the first line..........

Me and Gracie in the first line, right after we got there.

Joe and Jacob
Me and Ian
Checking NFL scores while in line. Guys gotta have their priorities you know!
The gang of us. Minus me!
Where we were standing once inside the Oval without any zooming. Obama spoke way up there, under the bleachers and down to the left of the blue CHANGE sign you can barely see. This picture was taken with me holding the camera up over my head as high as possible. (Sidenote: Aren't the leaves beautiful!!)
Um, no explination needed.
The man himself!
And again!


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