Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin festivals!

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We went to two different festivals. On Saturday we went to one south of us. We were hopeful it would be nice because we haven't been able to find a nice outdoor festival near out house yet. Unfortunately we were really disappointed with this one. It was very very busy and wasn't really at all what it was advertised. First of all it wasn't a pumpkin patch, the pumpkins were all in boxes!! I have never been to a pumpkin patch or festival where they weren't at the very least all spread around on the ground to pick out. All we could do was laugh because it was so weird! The petting "zoo" had 4 goats in it. There was a tractor ride that Ian really wanted to do and we waited in line about 4 times as long as the ride was, they took us about half a block down a dirt path, turned around, and took us back on the same path. There was a straw bale maze that was exactly one bale high. Not much of a challenge, most of the kids were just hopping around from wall to wall. All in all it was a pretty pathetic little festival. Luckily the kids had no idea and were happy as clams. James and I just kept laughing about how we could have done this in our own back yard!

The best part about that festival was the straw bale slide. That was a huge hit!!! Gracie loved it and after only one ride down with me she wanted to ride alone. She did that a couple times and then she took Ian down a few times. I took lots of pictures of that, it was hilarious and very cute!

Sunday we went to the festival down the street. We went there last year too and the kids really liked it. They had the local train club there with a few trains running, Ian absolutely loved that, there was a Thomas train that was his favorite! They also had a jumpy castle obstacle course thing, and a haunted house and a real petting zoo and pumpkin decorating. We did it all and had a great time.

Now all that's left is carving the pumpkins. I'm not sure if we'll wait for next weekend or not!

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