Monday, October 13, 2008

What's up with us.

So much has been going on, guess I'll do a little update here.

First off, no signs of pox yet. Darn.

The kids and I had dentist appointments this morning and we all checked out ok. Well, Ian wouldn't open his mouth for the dentist but since Gracie's teeth are so good the dentist assumed his were too! We have a new dentist because out old one refused to see us without x-rays. They also informed us that no one would because of liability. Funny, the first doctor I called on our insurance list said we could do whatever we wanted as long as we understood what the procedure was and signed a statement saying we understood what we were advised. Oh how I love being treated with respect and having a choice when it comes to what I want to do with my body. Honestly!! This guy wasn't part of a practice though. I have found that independant doctors, no matter what their speciality, are always more willing to work with "alternative" ideas. Practices usually have rules and regulations that they make you follow and if you don't you get the boot. As usual I have researched x-rays and the benefit of having them and have decided that using them when there is reason to believe there is an issue going on can be very helpful but taking x-rays as a routine without cause is pretty unnecessary. I don't really do unnecessary medical things and I like to be treated with respect for my research and conclusions. It's not really informed consent if they won't let you have a choice now, is it? Luckily he didn't mention Flouride treatments because then I would have had to explain my conclusions on that as well!! Anyway, it was all good, he was a very nice man with a very cozy office and we were all happy.

Ian has a new hobby, he has taken up skateboarding. Yes, skateboarding. It has me totally freaked out, I'm seeing visions of broken wrists and head injuries, but I'm trying to deal! All the neighborhood boys do skateboarding and are always practicing their tricks out in the street by our house. Ian has been hugely impressed with their skills and wants to do it too. He was content to just watch until one of the boys let him use his mini board a couple times. Then he started asking for his own. Last week we were at good will and low and behold there was a mini board for $1.99. There was no leaving the store without it, Ian was hugging it like it was his baby!! He's been doing stuff on it now, mostly in the grass and in the house on the carpet, and it's been really good practice for his balance and coordination. I have to find him a good helmet before I give him an all clear to do it on the sidewalk all the time. I'm sure we'll be seeing an ER at somepoint but I can only protect him so much. He really wants to do it so he is!

Not to be outdone Gracie also has a new hobby. We found a little girls bike in our dumpster a few months ago and we finally got some training wheels for it. She's been riding her little training bike for a year and a half and she decided she's ready for the big kid pedal bike. We got the training wheels on it this weekend and she's been practicing ever since (except for about 12 hours because one of the wheels fell off mid-ride and needed a small repair that required a run to Lowes). I'm pretty sure that by her 5th birthday she'll be on a two wheeler without any help. I actually had tears in my eyes watching her this morning, she looks just so huge riding a big girl bike down the sidewalk. How did the time pass so fast??

Work for James and I is going well, we are figuring out our new schedule with me working weekends and the kids are adjusting, they did a ton better this weekend thank goodness. James is passing his current class with all A's so far, I think he only has 1 or 2 weeks left. So far he's finished every class with an A. I'm so proud of him!!

We are getting a new foster dog this week. Another senior Golden Retriever. She's 8 years old and very cute. I'll have to take some pictures once she arrives and I get her all cleaned up if she needs it. Apparently senior Goldens are in high demand right now so she probably won't stay for more than a week or two. Hopefully I won't fall so hard for her like I did Kirby. Knowing a match will probably happen fast will help with that! We had a puppy black lab for two weeks and I realized, once again, that puppies are a total pain and I just don't like fostering them. He was sweet and all but with no yard and a puppy who is potty training it's just too hard.

And as a final note, I have to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our beloved Auntie April. Troy proposed last Saturday and she said yes so I finally won't be the only outsider in the Burson clan, Troy and I can band together in suffering now. (I'm kidding, totally kidding! All my in-laws are great people. I hear horror stories and realize how lucky I am, seriously!) Anyway, I'm so happy April has found a great guy and happy the kids are gaining a great Uncle. High fives all around!

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