Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's up?

Not much really!

The kids have colds that started up on Sunday and are starting to get a little better now. It's mostly a cough with a slightly runny nose. Not much worth worrying about thank goodness!

We still haven't carved our pumpkins. I think tonight will be the night. I need to bake the pumpkin seeds too, that's one of my favorite parts of carving pumpkins!

I think I am completely done with diapers. Ian has not worn one to bed for over a week now. Of course he did wet this morning but that is partly due to the fact that when James goes in to him in the mornings he doesn't always remember to take Ian immediately to the potty. Do not pass go, do not collect $100, just go to the potty!!! If anyone is interested I have 6 Fuzzi Bunz size medium in very good condition, multiple darker colors (blues, greens, red). I have inserts too, probably 10 or so. The last baby thing to go. It's kinda sad actually.

I am a Costco addict. It's serious. It has taken me 3 paychecks to get our pantry bursting at the seams and I am so glad I've done it. My goal was to build from the bottom up, first the staples and non-perishables, then stuff we eat weekly and finally add in the frozen section. Today I bought some frozen stuff which I think will really help us save money. We LOVE to eat out, it's a budget buster on an almost monthly basis. So I decided to buy us some stuff that we like to eat like pizza, orange chicken, chicken nuggets, etc..... and keep that as something easy to make when we get the urge to eat out. I don't want to live on processed foods but the truth is that's what we're eating when we go out so I mine as well keep a few in the freezer and save the pennies. I always have the best intentions to make every meal from scratch. Unfortunately I'm just not that organized or motivated. Anyway........ I haven't even hit the regular part of Costco yet, just the food. I need to go in there and explore the rest of the store some day, they have toys for Christmas out and a whole 'nother side to the store that needs exploring. I never have time to just wander around in there but I am determined to some time soon!

I'm loving having the Sprouts down the street, I've been in there like twice a week and it was so nice to have it there when I needed homeopatics for the kids colds the other day. A million times nicer than having to go to the other health food store way across town.

Gas is $2.33. Never thought I would be happy about that. Gas was less than a $1 a gallon when I moved out here almost 10 years ago. Nuts!!!

Well, that's all around here. I will post pictures once we carve the pumpkins. Ta-ta!!

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