Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dogs I have loved.

How did I become a doggie foster mom anyway?

It all started in September of 2007 with cats. I was on Craigslist in the pets section for reasons that cannot be explained because I had no reason to be there. We had two cats and a dog and no room for anymore in our 1360 sq ft town home. But there I was, and I opened a post where this woman was saying she had 7 cats she needed to place, immediately, two adults and 5 kittens. The mother of the kittens was also the mother of the other adult cat, so it was an entire family. She said she was going to take them to Dumb Friends League if someone didn't take them. I couldn't have her do that, my emotions took over and that afternoon I drove to her house and took them. All of them. I was determined to get them all fixed and adopt them all out. And I did. It was the biggest volunteer project I'd ever taken on and I pulled it off well, getting all the cats fixed through subsidized neuters with the DDFL and finding them all homes. I also took back and re-homed two of them when the initial adoptions didn't work out. Accomplishing the whole thing made me feel really good and it also taught me a huge lesson. One person can make a difference, we just need to stop making excuses and do it. It doesn't have to be dogs. Whatever that thing is, that thing you want to do that's not about you, that's about helping someone or something else. Just do it!

After that initial situation I thought about doing it again. But we moved Ian into the office (which is where we kept the cats) and we were honestly out of space to house cats since integrating foster cats into the household wasn't really an option. (If you've had cats you know what I mean.) So, again while perusing Craigslist, I came across a post from the Retriever Rescue of Colorado saying how badly they need foster homes. I filled out an application and waited. I heard back within a couple days so then I needed to sell it to James. He was reluctant but willing to try it. RROC takes retrievers of all sorts (Labs, Goldens, Chessies, and Tollers), places them with fosters to evaluate the dogs personalities and then matches them with families. It's a cool process, seeing the information they get and the care they take to put the right dogs with the right people. So we waited. And we had Boulder placed with us. And the rest is history....... I'll keep adding dogs as they pass through our family, the first dogs are at the bottom of the post. I've also helped place two additional cats in this time, even when logic said I couldn't.

This is Garrett. He's approximately 5 years old. He came into rescue from out of state. He had been in a shelter after being found as a stray who was attacked by a farm dog. The shelter people loved him but his days were up so they found a way to get him transported. Upon arrival it was found that he had a horrendous infection from his neuter surgery the week before. He had to undergo another surgery to remove the entire scrotum. He's a great dog with a lot of potential, he'll be perfect for just about any situation!

Aria is about 8 and is a total sweetie, just like Kirby was. She was abused to some extent, you can tell by her head shyness, but it hasn't damaged her spirit in the least. She's been great with the whole family and hopefully is meeting with a perspective family this weekend.

Beethoven was my first and last puppy. 10 weeks old, no manners and missing his litter terribly. It was a long two weeks but he was finally placed with a family that had an older golden retriever and a 2 year old little girl. He is going to live a long happy life with those folks, that much is sure!
Kirby was a pure gentleman. I wanted to adopt him so bad, like really terribly bad. I still miss him. He went to a new home that had no kids and three cats and was totally going to be spoiled by his new people, so I am happy for him. He was also my first senior and the dog that has made me realize how terrific adopting and older dog can be. He was perfect with everything, dogs, kids, cats...... He was already housebroken and knew commands. How on earth he ended up a stray in our rescue I will never know because he was a total beauty with a personality to match.
This is Brinzey. She was 9 months of pure energy. She also transferred to another foster home when her energy just became too much for me and the kids to deal with. There are limitations to housing strange dogs with small children and no yard. She was adopted about a week after she moved from us.
Holly. Holly was a love. She was the first foster I wanted to adopt. She was about 6 months old and was so sweet, so calm, so pretty. She had a rough first night with her adoptive family and ended up running away the next morning so the kids, Maggie, and I went to the neighborhood she ran off in and looked for her with her new owner. Thank goodness we found her and got her resettled with her family.

Brynn came in on a transport from a high-kill shelter out of state. She was insane. And she had giardia. And she was insane...... She transferred to another foster home without children and with a yard because an insane doggie that has giardia and doesn't have access to a yard is just wayyyyy more trouble than it's worth. But I was part of her story and she was a sweetie. Just a little nuts!

Boulder, our first foster. He was a fence jumper, climber, escape artist extraordinaire. He went to a nice couple in Highlands Ranch who had a bedroom full of bunnies, seriously. It was awesome!

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