Saturday, November 08, 2008

The engine on the bus goes click, click, click.

I arrived at the bus storage at 1:15, an hour before the party was suppose to start which gave me plenty of time to get the bus going and be there without rushing at all. Ha. The first thing I always do is run and start the bus, then I give it a couple minutes while I organize things and then I move it out, park my car, and take off. The bus was suppose to be plugged in today. This was a first, I have never had to deal with that before but because of the cold weather it's a new part of the routine. Apparently the plug helps the bus turn over the first time every time. When I pulled up to storage the first thing I noticed was that there was no plug. Uh-oh.

So I jumped on the bus and tried to start it. And tried. And tried. The engine was trying to turn over to no avail. Then I turned the key and.........nothing. Freak. So I called my boss who is out of town in the mountains this weekend. Thus began my education on bringing our big green bus to life when it would rather stay cold and lifeless in the gravel storage lot.

First off she told me to get into this little box under the seat and find this aerosol can of highly flammable gas. Ooookay. Then she told me to open the engine compartment and find this little funnel thing that had a sticker on it saying: WARNING Do not spray any starter fluids, flammable liquids, here or you will die. I'm paraphrasing a bit but that was the gist of it. When I told her I located the funnel she said "Good, now spray that stuff in there for just a second, then run like heck on the bus and try to start it. Make sure you don't spray too much because it will start on fire." Um. Ok. *thinking my life is over*

I did it, but honestly, I probably didn't spray enough in. Who wants to die in a fiery explosion? Not I. When I tried to start the bus it didn't work.

So I called my boss back and she says. "Ok, well, now look under the drivers seat and get the hammer." I kid you not. I grabbed it and she told me to find this specific part underneath the engine. I was told to find someone to crank the bus while I climb in between the wheel and engine and crouch down and use the hammer to whack this part (the starter). She said if that didn't work then it was probably hopeless.

So I wandered over to this couple that was working on their camper and the woman said she would gladly try to crank the bus while I was under it whacking away with a hammer. I got in position, told her to go and she did. Sparks were flying, I was beating the starter, and miracle of miracles the bus started. Thank god my hair didn't get caught in the belt that was whirring away by my ear.

Never in a million years did I ever think that someday I would be using a hammer to start a bus. Just goes to show you what I know!!!

And yes, I remembered to plug the bus in before I left tonight. But if my co-worker leaves it unplugged again I will be doing the same to her so she can experience the joy of starting a cold bus with a stranger and a hammer.

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