Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gracie's message to Obama

Word for word right out of her mouth.

to barrack obama

i would like to shake your hand
i would like you to be president i would vote for you because I like you barrack obama and you are going to be president

i really understand and I love you more and I want you to be president because you can be calm, never ever give up

we can always see another president just like george washington we want to see someone who can stand up and cut taxes for our families
i would really like to hear a song you like

so please barrack obama I approve that you can be the president of the united states i would like to appreciate this common person
there's nothing i can do about it you can be president so i can see you at mt. rushmore
and that's my message. you will like it.

from gracie burson

1 comment:

felicia said...

Awww, so sweet! This made me cry. She's such a little activist! :)