Saturday, November 29, 2008


This afternoon as we were unpacking from our trip we discovered something very very bad. Gracie's mommy blanket is missing. Mommy blanket is her lovey. It was my blanket growing up, thus the name "mommy blanket". It has been reworked with a new backing and new ties but the original fabric is on the top. It is faded, worn, and truly beloved. And now it's gone.

I called our timeshare right away and told them the situation. Unfortunately I called 30 minutes after the cleaning crew had gone home for the day and the room lost and found is in their area which was locked and apparently could not be gotten into. So they passed me through to the cleaning managers voicemail and I left her a message pleading for a phone call tomorrow morning as soon as possible.

Then I had to tell Gracie. Oh the heartbreak! She said she won't be able to sleep without it and went on and on about how special it is and how she needs it so much. I feel so bad. I know exactly how she feels. There were many days in my youth, (and to be honest, my adulthood, I took that blanket with me to college and still used it on my pillow well into my 20's) that I cried tears upon tears into that blanket and it's softness helped me go to sleep for more than half my life. She is very upset and I am just praying that they have the blanket and can mail it to us first thing Monday. I really don't want to drive to get it, it would be about 6 hours round trip, but I will if I have to.

There is a slight possibility that the timeshare won't have the blanket. We made one stop on the way down, at a gas station. It took us much longer than usual to drive down because there was a major snowstorm on the west side of the divide, it was like a blizzard at some points. Anyway, we stopped at a gas station and I had to grab snacks out for the kids. I opened the back gate and Gracie's pillow and one of our duffles flew out and landed on the ground. I snatched them up super fast because the ground was disgusting with dirty melted snow. Then I grabbed the snacks and took them up to the front. I am now freaking out that the blankie fell out too and I somehow missed it. If so it's probably gone for good and that thought just breaks my heart.

So if you feel like sending some love, thoughts, vibes, prayers, whatever it is you do out into the universe for the mommy blanket tonight that would be great. I am hoping for nothing but good news when I talk to the cleaners tomorrow.

****UPDATE 11/30****
As of this morning mommy blanket is still missing. I called the hotel again, they searched the room and checked lost and found and it's not there. I called the gas station we stopped at and they do not have it. Our very last hope is that mommy blanket got caught up in the sheets and went to the laundry. They said this has happened a couple other times. If so she will hopefully be returned to the hotel tomorrow sometime. The manager is suppose to call me tomorrow.

Gracie cried herself to sleep tonight. This sucks so bad.

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