Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Somebody turned 3 yesterday!!

I just can't believe Ian is 3. Where has the time gone, really?

We had a pretty nice celebration. We went out for breakfast, pancakes at IHOP by the birthday boys request. Then we hit the clearance at Target (ok, that wasn't so much for Ian as it was for me...). We found some great deals though, new stockings and a tree skirt and bed sheets....holy cow they had flannel sheets in any size for $4.99!! We all got new sheets! I also got new stuff for the kids bathroom, changed it up a bit. There's been changes to the kids rooms too, I'll post pictures of that later!

Anyway.....about Ian!

We had his party planned for 4pm. I tried to get him to nap so he would be full of energy for his party but it was a no-go. He rested for about an hour but no sleep. Luckily he did ok anyway! The party was at Party On, which is the same place we had Gracie's 3rd birthday at. The theme he choose for his party was race cars so he had a racing car cake and we used decorations from the movie Cars. A lot of his little friends came and we all had a lot of fun! And boy did he make out on gifts, man he got some great toys!!!

Before we left home he wanted to open one present, this is what Gracie got him!

Payge, building with the blocks.
Halem at the bottom of a slide.
Atreyu at the top of a slide.
Gracie jumping.
Damien coming out of the tunnel.
Gracie and Spencer, the boy she insists she's going to marry.
Grandma and a gaggle of kids after coming down the huge fire truck slide.

Jacob shooting hoops.Ian coming out of the fire truck slide.

Grandma and Ian going down the slide.Opening presents while on the birthday throne.

Covering his ears while we were singing happy birthday. He said we were too loud!
Still covering.Two happy kids at the end of a great party!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still sick!

It's officially hit all of us now, I was the last man standing but I succumbed today. Ick is all I have to say about that. James was sick all day yesterday and as and added bonus Ian puked at 4am today, almost 60 hours since he had last gotten sick. This bug is bad. Seriously bad. In spite of the illness we did go out today, very quickly. We ran to the nearest Build-A-Bear to keep up our Christmas Eve tradition of having the kids make new stuffed animals. Gracie made a pink kitty cat like her friend Payge has, she's very excited that they will have matching pets now! Ian made a dinosaur and named it Ian, silly kid!

Tomorrow we will be having Christmas all by ourselves. We had plans to head up to the in-laws but that is definitely not happening in our condition! The plan is to shoot for Saturday afternoon, hopefully we will all be better by then. Of course we have Ian's birthday next Tuesday too, so we gotta get over this. I have the bounce house place that we went to for Gracie's 3rd birthday all rented and paid for, I do not want to cancel his party!!!

I can't believe he's gonna be 3. Heaven help me, time flies so fast.......

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We've had the puking flu around here for over a week now. First Gracie had it, then we had a couple days where I thought everyone was fine. Gracie went to her rec center class, we went to the museum, we went to a home school activity, we went to our LLL meeting. Yep, we did a very efficient job of spreading the germs throughout the entire Metro Denver area. Saturday morning Ian woke up puking and has been at it on and off ever since. It's not been much fun around here at all. I am so sick of my sad tired little Ian, I want happy Ian back.

Here's hoping it all clears up before our plans for Wednesday evening!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Recent pictures

It's just so much easier to put them on facebook!!!!!


You can click on each picture to make it larger or go through it like a slide show. So nifty!


That's the only word that comes to mind right now, the last week has been absolute chaos!

It all starts with a foster dog named Garrett. He came in on a transport from Kansas last Wednesday. Poor guy had wandered up to a farm and got attacked by the resident farm dog. The farmer brought him to the shelter and his time was up. The shelter people loved him so they figured out how to get him to rescue. They neutered him before he was picked up for the rescue.

Sounds like the perfect end for him, right?

Except that his neuter got infected and apparently no one noticed. I have no idea how no one could have noticed because when I got him in my house on Wednesday night and took a good look at him he was dripping blood!!! Yes, visibly dripping blood. So off to the doggie ER we went. The vet there said that it was the worst infection he'd ever seen, gave me pain meds and an antibiotic and said he needed to go to the regular vet in a couple days. He said that in his opinion the entire site would have to be removed.

So Wednesday night I slept down on the couch. Garrett was in so much pain and was also loopy from the medications, he was crying and whining and pacing and freaking out. I stayed down there and hushed him every hour or two. Not a great night sleep. The next day was the same. Dog was in serious pain, it was awful. James slept on the couch that night. Finally Friday came and the vet appointment. It took her about one minute to assess it and say that it was definitely going to be removed, now. So Garrett went into surgery and had his balls removed.

Upon further investigation the vet also found he has infections in both his ears that were so bad his ears were filled with pus. He also had chemical burns on his lips which were causing the skin to fall off and bleed. (I had asked them to check on that because I saw the blood but I had no idea about his ears). He had to spend the night which was kind of a pain since I had to work on Saturday, so James was going to have to pick him up.

Anyway, Saturday dawns. I head off for a free oil change which as of this morning has turned into a 15,000 mile maintenance and alignment to the tune of $390. Oy!!! After my not so free oil change I went to work. James picked up Garrett. Errands were run, time was run out. I came home from work, more errands were run and we headed up to Loveland to see the in-laws and friends. Another person from the rescue checked on Garrett twice while we were gone. Kids made a gingerbread house with Grandma and we chatted and ate. Headed to party. Party was fun, kids ran like crazy, food was eaten, games were played, gift cards were had by all!! We headed home and pulled in around 10:30. Tucked kids into bed, and hit the sack ourselves.

12:45 we are awoken by a scream that would wake the dead.

Gracie had puked all over her bed and was coming down the hall looking for us. She was totally freaking out and it was insane for awhile because Garrett was in our bathroom and we had to turn her around to head to her bathroom. Screaming, crying, barking and barfing ensued for the next few minutes. Once Gracie settled down I got her in the shower while we quickly got laundry started and a bed made for her on our bedroom floor. Garrett was moved down to the kitchen with Maggie and threatened with his life if he barked again. Amazingly he listened!!

Gracie was settled into her new bed with a bowl and given instructions on what to do should she need to throw up again. Those instructions were followed repeatedly about every 45 minutes the rest of the night while she slept and puked on and off.

Sunday we all slept til 8 which is sleeping in around here!! It was snowing out and freezing cold. I had a party at 1 and was nervous about driving the bus on snowy roads for the first time. Gracie watched TV. I left at 11:30. Kids chilled. James did homework. I stopped on my way home from work to get some homeopathics and herbs for the puking. Around 6 Gracie every so slightly puked again, there wasn't much to come out though. We watched the Apple Dumpling Gang and then everyone went to bed.

It was a good night and Gracie slept without puking, thank goodness. Now we're just waiting to see if Ian catches it. I've felt a little queezy but nothing more.

We have a possible match for Garrett with all his problems and everything!!! So he may be adopted by the end of the week.

Hopefully next weekend will be a lot less insane. I have to work a lot so it might not calm down, but one can hope!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I love seasons. I love snow. I also love sunshine and warmth.

As I was standing outside this December 7th, in a short sleeved shirt with the sun on my face in the hugeness that is Invesco field I was reminded of just exactly how much I love Colorado. I have seasons, I have snow, and I have 70 degree days in December.

For me, it is perfect!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Man, the first half of 2009 is gonna be crazy. Life just doesn't slow down I guess!

Here's the run-down on the next 3 months or so:

4 parties for Christmas/New Years

Ian's birthday party on the 30th

Morning swim lessons for both kids the first two weeks of January. We've never done lessons in this format before, we usually do them every Saturday for 8 weeks. That's not going to be possible though due to all the travel we have going on so I'm going to try a block class and see how it goes.

January 23-30 we head to Oceanside CA for a week in the sand and sun. We have a house rented there and we have friends going with us!! I expect it will be a blast.

February 18-25 we are in the Carolinas, first for April and Troy's wedding and then we will head to Greenville to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I figured since we were flying out there we mine as well see everyone we can!

March 7th there is yet another weddidng, this time James buddy Chris and the lovely Becky will be getting hitched in Iowa. We haven't quite figured out our travel plans for that one yet.

Add to all of that the regular home school, La Leche League and API meetings we have, making whatever runs I have to for the Retriever Rescue, and attempting to have occasional playdates with friends and yeah, we're booked!

Poor James is gonna have like no vacation time by the second week of March!!! It's worth it though, we will be spending lots of time with people we love!

Monday, December 01, 2008

I love my Dyson.

Hello. My name is Alice and I am a recent Dyson convert.

I bought a Dyson Pink (DC07) last week on Black Friday. It was $50 off and came with a $100 gift card so the total price on it was just $249. I have been wanting one for awhile and the vacuum I've had since we got married has been slowly dying despite my best efforts, so it was time.

All I can say is oh my stinkin' heck, I had no idea I had such terrible, awful, very bad things laying around in my carpet. So gross. So very very gross.

We got home on Saturday afternoon and I vacuumed twice. The first time the canister was filled before I was even finished. We only have like 650 sqft of carpeting. The hair......oh the hair. I knew we had a problem a couple weeks ago when I squatted down after vacuuming and could still rake a pile of hair up off the carpet with my hand. Since we own 3 pets and generally have an extra dog also taking up residence pet hair is an issue and it cannot be left alone. I knew there would be a ton of hair and there was, it was like a giant swirling rat in the canister.

The second pass through still got an awful lot of hair but also a lot of dust and dirt. I filled the canister again on the exact same area I had just done. Nasty doesn't even begin to explain it!!!!

I vacuumed again this morning, I just never had time to do it again yesterday. And again I filled the canister. This time it was even less hair and even more dirt and dust. It's like I'm peeling layers off of my carpeting, now we're getting down to the deeply ground stuff.

I plan to vacuum as much as humanly possible until I feel we have reached the bottom. It may take weeks at this rate!!!

We'll see if the love affair lasts but so far I am a complete believer in Dyson. In fact I was singing that song in my head while vacuuming. You know, the one by the Monkees. "Now I'm a believer...." Oh yeah.


Mommy blanket has been found. She did end up going to the laundry with the room sheets. I don't know if she ended up getting washed or not so I'm not sure the condition she's in but at least she has been found.

Yes, she. Gracie refers to the blanket in the female gender so I guess I should too!!

I'm just so happy she's been found. A couple days and she should be back here safe at home.