Thursday, December 04, 2008


Man, the first half of 2009 is gonna be crazy. Life just doesn't slow down I guess!

Here's the run-down on the next 3 months or so:

4 parties for Christmas/New Years

Ian's birthday party on the 30th

Morning swim lessons for both kids the first two weeks of January. We've never done lessons in this format before, we usually do them every Saturday for 8 weeks. That's not going to be possible though due to all the travel we have going on so I'm going to try a block class and see how it goes.

January 23-30 we head to Oceanside CA for a week in the sand and sun. We have a house rented there and we have friends going with us!! I expect it will be a blast.

February 18-25 we are in the Carolinas, first for April and Troy's wedding and then we will head to Greenville to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I figured since we were flying out there we mine as well see everyone we can!

March 7th there is yet another weddidng, this time James buddy Chris and the lovely Becky will be getting hitched in Iowa. We haven't quite figured out our travel plans for that one yet.

Add to all of that the regular home school, La Leche League and API meetings we have, making whatever runs I have to for the Retriever Rescue, and attempting to have occasional playdates with friends and yeah, we're booked!

Poor James is gonna have like no vacation time by the second week of March!!! It's worth it though, we will be spending lots of time with people we love!

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