Monday, December 01, 2008

I love my Dyson.

Hello. My name is Alice and I am a recent Dyson convert.

I bought a Dyson Pink (DC07) last week on Black Friday. It was $50 off and came with a $100 gift card so the total price on it was just $249. I have been wanting one for awhile and the vacuum I've had since we got married has been slowly dying despite my best efforts, so it was time.

All I can say is oh my stinkin' heck, I had no idea I had such terrible, awful, very bad things laying around in my carpet. So gross. So very very gross.

We got home on Saturday afternoon and I vacuumed twice. The first time the canister was filled before I was even finished. We only have like 650 sqft of carpeting. The hair......oh the hair. I knew we had a problem a couple weeks ago when I squatted down after vacuuming and could still rake a pile of hair up off the carpet with my hand. Since we own 3 pets and generally have an extra dog also taking up residence pet hair is an issue and it cannot be left alone. I knew there would be a ton of hair and there was, it was like a giant swirling rat in the canister.

The second pass through still got an awful lot of hair but also a lot of dust and dirt. I filled the canister again on the exact same area I had just done. Nasty doesn't even begin to explain it!!!!

I vacuumed again this morning, I just never had time to do it again yesterday. And again I filled the canister. This time it was even less hair and even more dirt and dust. It's like I'm peeling layers off of my carpeting, now we're getting down to the deeply ground stuff.

I plan to vacuum as much as humanly possible until I feel we have reached the bottom. It may take weeks at this rate!!!

We'll see if the love affair lasts but so far I am a complete believer in Dyson. In fact I was singing that song in my head while vacuuming. You know, the one by the Monkees. "Now I'm a believer...." Oh yeah.

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Emily said...

We bought the yello Dyson that rolls ona ball when we moved in last June. It is amazing all the gunk that is in the carpet!